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ALCC membership runs on a set calendar year from July 1st through June 30th annually. Renewal notices are sent by email and mail to the billing contact on file in early May. Complete the renewal form or call (303) 757-5611 to renew by phone.

ALCC helps elevate the landscape industry and make your company better by nature 

  • Raising the level of professionalism in the industry. Through training and certification, ALCC offers members the ability to provide tangible evidence of their knowledge and abilities. Some of the educational opportunities available through ALCC include, SLM certificate program, irrigation boot camp, hands on certification training, member discounts on training manuals and certification testing, seminars/webinars on a variety of business topics and of course, the annual ProGreen EXPO.
  • Promoting efficient water usage and sustainable landscape practices. ALCC partnered with Colorado State University to present a landscape water use study, The Hidden Value of Landscapes. The study quantifies the cross disciplinary benefits of the urban built landscape and demonstrates how responsible water use has a positive economic impact within our state. ALCC works closely with local municipalities, water providers and our media partners to proactively reinforce this message.
  • ALCC has positioned itself as a resource for policymakers. Advocacy efforts in water conservation, H-2B visa programs, and liability issues are just a few of the areas in which your trade association has become a go-to source of data and information when creating laws, regulations, and public policy that impact our industry.
  • Better resources for business owners. Whether it’s an improved job board, networking events, or education, you can find valuable tools to help you build a better business. ALCC offers seminars on a variety of business and leadership topics.
  • Landscape Career Pathways Program. ALCC is committed to attracting new people to the landscape industry and helping them become job ready to fill the crucial labor gap. The curriculum has been implemented in multiple high schools across the front range. Irrigation Boot Camp offers job training to those new to the industry. And ALCC continues to partner with the Colorado Community College System and other organizations who provide workforce training and placement services.
  • We put landscaping in the media. ALCC’s media efforts have increased industry exposure through newspaper stories statewide, online features, and local TV news segments. ALCC members and initiatives are featured regularly in local and national coverage related to Landscape Career Pathways Program, the H-2B program, the industry labor shortage, and more. 

 Members are at the core of our greatest accomplishments. We hope you’ll join us in making the upcoming year even stronger and renew your commitment to being better by nature

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