ALCC/GreenCO Advocacy

Other than the weather, nothing affects your business more than the government. Whether water law changes, new fees for business or vehicle registrations, immigration or workers’ compensation mandates, ALCC watches this information at the state capitol and in Washington, DC.

Through GreenCO, ALCC advocates for members and the industry at the state legislature. 

Policy Issues being watched for current session:

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The following policy issues will be closely monitored by GreenCO lobbyists on behalf of ALCC during the 2020 session. There will be additional issues that will come up, and these will be identified by ALCC representatives in the GreenCO Legislative Committee meetings.

  • With the passage of the ballot proposal DD for legalized sports betting to fund water needs in Colorado, GreenCO will need to engage with this development process for new revenue to ensure proper use and priorities are met such as water conservation, reuse, storage for both indoor and outdoor applications.
  • Continue work with state/local agencies on the Colorado Water plan to ensure conservation, land use planning and sound regulatory development based on science and technology.
  • Work to educate legislators and water policy decision-makers on the need for implementation and expansion of GreenCO BMPs.
  • Monitor hemp production water policy and educate policymakers on vital water studies- 3% water usage study.

Industry Regulation- Investment in Colorado Businesses

  • Support efforts to find solutions to retainage issues and support efforts to build on 2017 bill for better liability protection for contractors.
  • Work with business coalition to address business issues with FAMLI study report and 2020 legislation. Suggest exemptions for federally compliant businesses and other possible solutions.
  • Monitor minimum wage issues and wage protection issues before the legislature.
  • Support job development legislation that creates opportunity to find and hire necessary work force in Colorado.
  • Ensure proper regulatory development for bulk fertilizer exemption bill.
  • Work with business coalition to address proposed anti-growth legislation.

Infrastructure Funding

  • Continue to monitor SB-267 and SB-01 transportation funding for CDOT projects statewide.
  • Work with key legislators on transportation and water funding, Ballot DD measure and other forms of new legislation for revenue.
  • Support as needed Water Committee interim bills and the State Water Project funding bill.

Sales & Use Tax

  • Monitor all legislation related to sales and use tax in 2020 session.
  • Continue to support sales tax simplification and the recommendation from the task force to create a single point of payment for business.
  • Support development of a uniform set of definitions for sales and use tax.

Pesticide Regulation

  • Oppose any measure to allow for local control when applying pesticides.
  • Oppose non-research based arbitrary bans on pesticides.
  • Closely monitor and oppose any effort to expand pesticide regulatory burden.


  • Fund vocational and adult education programs for the skilled trades and technical career paths that are drastically understaffed in Colorado’s workforce.
  • Support tax credits for employers who hire workforce from student population, returning military or those unemployed or underemployed, and provide technical and/or skills training for such hires.

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