ALCC/GreenCO Advocacy

Other than the weather, nothing affects your business more than the government. Whether water law changes, new fees for business or vehicle registrations, immigration or workers’ compensation mandates, ALCC watches this information at the state capitol and in Washington, DC.

GreenCO 2023 Legislative Priorities

Through GreenCO, ALCC advocates for members and the industry at the state legislature. 

The following policy issues will be closely monitored by GreenCO lobbyists on behalf of ALCC during the 2023 session. There will be additional issues that will come up, and these will be identified by ALCC representatives in the GreenCO Legislative Committee meetings. (Follow them in real time at


This session the top priority for GreenCO was the Pesticide Applicator Sunset bill. Pesticides has been a hot topic at the Capitol for the past few sessions, especially as it pertains to local preemption. GreenCO continues to work with CRPA (Coloradoans For Responsible Pesticide Application) and other industry partners on all things pesticide related. As we continued to be proactive, GreenCO helped host a Pesticide Applicator Advocacy Day at the Capitol, where we spoke with members of the legislature to discuss the Sunset bill/pesticide regulation as well as educate them on who we are. This proved to be very beneficial as we were engaged on the two pieces of legislation regarding pesticides.  


 SB23-192 Sunset Pesticide Applicators’ Act was up for renewal this year. GreenCO and CPRA have been working on this sunset over the last year. In working with the coalition, we kept our messaging pointed and fact/science-based on the issues. As we stood together, we attended multiple stakeholder meetings, both prior to the session and during the session, and were able to get this bill passed without local preemption.


SB23-266 Neonic Pesticides as Limited-use Pesticides was brought by the pollinator advocates and will limit the places that pesticides containing neonicotinoids can be sold. GreenCO saw this as a compromise and closely monitored this bill as it went through the process.


  • Continue to work with state/local agencies on the Colorado Water Plan to ensure conservation, land use planning and sound regulatory development based on science and technology.
  • Support legislation that will help fund the Colorado Water Plan.
  • Work to educate legislators and water policy decision makers on the need for implementation of GreenCO BMP’s.
  • Work with state agencies and the General Assembly on the current drought conditions in Colorado as the state has entered into Phase 3 “Full Plan Activation” of the State Drought Mitigation and response Plan.
    • Work to build a coalition of businesses and like organizations on drought and water issues.
    • Educate and be a resource for legislators, state agencies and local officials on ways to combat drought conditions.

SB23-010 Water Resources and Agriculture Review Committee makes the interim committee a year-round committee. With water being a top priority of the General Assembly, the legislature passed this bill to allow the committee to meet year-round and removes the limitations on the number of meetings and “fields trips” the committee may hold. This bill shows that the state is committed to fixing the water problem.

SB23-178 Water-wise landscaping in Homeowners’ Association Communities will remove barriers to water-wise landscaping in HOA communities. This will allow for more landscaping options within HOA’s along with helping with the water issue by allowing drought tolerant plants and landscaping. The bill requires an association to permit the installation of a least 3 garden designs that adhere to the principles of water-wise landscaping.

Industry Regulations and Business Practices

  • Support efforts to find solutions to retainage issues.
  • Support efforts to build for better liability protection for contractors.
  • Work with business coalition on any arbitration legislation that is brought in the 2023 session.
  • Monitor minimum wage and wage protection issues before the legislature.
  • Support job development legislation that creates opportunities to find and hire the necessary workforce in Colorado.
  • Work with the business coalition to address any proposed anti-growth legislation.
  • Closely monitor any legislation looking to cut tax expenditures for businesses.
  • Ensure that “essential” businesses have future protection from COVID liability issues.
  • Closely monitor any legislation pertaining to Worker’s Compensation.

Infrastructure Funding

  • Infrastructure funding will again be a top priority and GreenCO will closely monitor any transportation funding legislation and get engaged when necessary.

Sales & Use Tax

  • Monitor all legislation related to sales and use tax.
  • Continue to support the Sales & Use Tax Simplification Task Force.  
  • Continue to support the development of a uniform set of definitions for sales and use tax.


  • Fund vocational and adult education programs for the skilled trades and technical career paths that are drastically understaffed in Colorado’s workforce.
  • Support tax credits for employers who hire workforce from K-12 students, returning military or those unemployed or underemployed, and provide technical and/or skills training for such hires.