May 2022

Daniel Grange, Brightview Landscape Services

As we step into the busiest part of a new landscape season, I have been thinking about focusing on the things that matter the most and last the longest. It’s easy for me to spend all my time and mental energy on the problems right in front of me. There is no shortage or urgent issues, and I don’t think that will ever change completely. What has made a difference for me is prioritizing the most enduring and fulfilling parts of my work life.

While I’m sure it means something different to each of you, my joy in the industry comes from a few specific things. I am always eager to point out to my family the projects I helped to build as we drive around town. I will never tire of seeing the glue-lam timbers I sourced for a job in Northfield or reminiscing about the two wire decoders I installed each time I drive through RiverPoint.  It doesn’t even bother me when I hear from the back seat, “We know dad, you told us last time we came here.”

Being a small part in advancing careers has brought me even more fulfillment than seeing our projects coming to life. I am grateful that I was able to hire men and women who have flourished and occasionally leaned on me for career guidance, advice and mentorship. Having the opportunity to help build terrific teams and giving employees opportunities to grow is a blessing. People may leave the company, the industry or even the country but the memories and friendships stick with me. The flip side is looking back fondly on those who have extended their hand to help me. From the two retired teachers who showed me how to work a shovel in high school to my fellow ALCC board members, I can’t count all the mentors, bosses and colleagues that influenced my career.

If this feels too sentimental, I hope it doesn’t distract from the point I hope to make here. That is, when we (inevitably) find ourselves running from one fire to the next, my encouragement is to remember and prioritize something valuable and lasting to you. That could mean pausing to text a former coworker and check in, meeting an employee on a jobsite or taking the scenic route back to the office and drive by a completed project. We are fortunate to be part of a wonderful industry and I hope we can do our best to remember why we do what we do.  


Daniel Grange
Brightview Landscape Services 
ALCC Board President