Mike Moore, Diggable Designs

Just as the recent, sunny days have some of us scrambling to provide a much needed drink to our drying landscapes, February 5th marks the kickoff to ProGreen EXPO and gives us the chance to whet our appetite to further our knowledge, hone our skills and connect with new and old friends. I personally enjoy stepping away from the office to head down to the Convention Center for a few days. Whether it is recharging my spirits listening to one of the many, fantastic speakers or just enjoying a cup of coffee with Donna Ralston at the bookshop, ProGreen is typically the first event of the year where I get my tingle of excitement for the season ahead. Afterall, in my personal experience, I need a good distraction from a January spent trying to recover from a busy holiday lighting season and all the bills I should have sent out sooner!

Although many of you have already registered, I would encourage those who haven’t to do so. New attendees will learn far more than you would imagine--not to mention build some new relationships. For those of you who think you have received all the possible benefits ProGreen has to offer, I would urge you to stay engaged; if nothing else, enjoy that cup of coffee with an old acquaintance at the bookshop. The networking benefits of ProGreen alone are invaluable.

February is also a great time to turn your attention from the rearview of looking over your numbers from last year to building or staying focused on your strategy for 2020. At this time of year, I enjoy getting some key members of my team together to review our hiring processes. I can unequivocally say that focusing my attention on recruiting and retaining employees is paying major dividends for our culture and our bottom line. Do you have the right documents and processes in place to bring the right people through the door? Are there any changes you can make on your application to avoid a few red flags from years’ past? What about implementing some pre-interview questions or a phone interview prior to taxing your time with face-to-face meetings with every applicant? A few simple steps go a very long way.

I wish you all the best in the coming months in your preparation for this landscape season. Please stop by the ALCC booth on the trade show floor at ProGreen to say hello to the ALCC staff and Board. Thanks for reading!

Mike Moore
Diggable Designs Landscape Construction, Lakewood
ALCC Board President