April 2023

As March ends, the busy season is inevitable! It's that time of year when the stress of spring and back to working more hours is prevalent amongst our teams! From the economy to water issues, let's unpack a few thoughts this month. 

The economy: We all need to be cautious but stay optimistic as the pipeline seems to be staying consistent. It's certainly not a 2007 type situation but smells funny for sure. Our team is focusing on the things we can control. Hiring the best for our team, providing the best service possible and being a constant resource to our teams! The backlog seems to be very strong, which is great for all of us! Focus on what you can control and don't let the noise steer you otherwise!

Water Conservation: Regardless of the snowpack in the mountains our industry will always be asked to do our part in conservation. This is a large topic in our industry and it's going to take all of us to never stop creating, implementing, and fighting for conservation. The resources are available to us all. It's truly up to us as organizations to move the needle. The focus of our training this spring should be centered around conservation. Training our teams about proper watering techniques, quality products and even the math behind successful programming. This is a topic that won't go away, instead of just doing what the clients want, let's educate them on the reasons why behind our conservation. It's been warm and dry... but it's not time to turn on the irrigation yet. Spot water the trees and shrubs, but for now the turf can wait.

From the economy to hiring there is always some sort of a curve ball being thrown at us. As I heard one of our long-time contractors say, "We are some of the most creative people out there, we find a way to get all the work done each year with fewer people, more processes and better equipment!"  2023 looks to be a great year for the green industry for those that want to up the game of professionalism and education! 


Zak George, CLT
Zak George Landscaping
ALCC Board President