February 2023

Hopefully, everyone enjoyed the great weather last week that allowed our teams the ability to attend Pro Green 2024 in large numbers. There were many great benefits for everyone ranging from the education sessions and the networking opportunities to the inspiring message from our keynote speaker, which will hopefully spark positive changes in your approach to work and within your business to create moments where your customers exclaim "Do it again!".

In today's fast-paced world, much of our interaction is done over some type of electronic medium which is why I value, even more, the opportunities of being able to put faces to names and to build closer partnerships in the process. I know all our exhibitors participate in events such as ProGreen because they also value these connections to better understand their partners and how they can better serve the ongoing needs of these partners. One thing that struck me at ProGreen this year was how many young and engaged people we have in the Green Industry who are hungry to learn new things and who are actively engaged in growing their careers in the green industry. I feel that we are making strides in turning the image of our industry into one of professionalism. It makes me also realize that people are starting to see our industry as one in which to make a career rather than a temporary layover. While it is fresh in your mind please do share with us any ideas you might have on how to improve ProGreen in the future as well as any general improvements you might find beneficial throughout the year. We want to be sure we are always fulfilling the needs of our membership in as many ways as possible. This year we are looking to start a Young Leaders Committee so we can hear from them directly on ways in which we can support our future leaders who will continue to elevate our industry. Please message us if you or someone you know might be a good fit to serve on this newly forming committee.

Lastly, I want to thank Senator Roberts for joining us at the VIP breakfast and for the support he continues to provide on important issues. Senator Roberts was presented with the GreenCO 2023 Legislator of the Year award due to his ongoing support and thoughtful legislation. Thank You, Senator Roberts!


Brian Levins
Designscapes Colorado Inc.
ALCC Board President