May 2020

Mike Moore, Diggable Designs

By now, you probably have heard the phrases these challenging times or unprecedented events more times than you care to count. We truly are in uncharted territory when it comes to navigating the circumstances around COVID-19. But even in these never-before-seen circumstances, we can find opportunity.


 We have an opportunity is to represent the industry well. We have the chance to show the public that the work we do is valuable, essential, and professional. Because the work that we do is outdoors, many of us are able to continue to operate. And because many of our residential clients are home, our work is more visible than ever. If we do not conduct our business in a professional manner and follow the property safety protocols, the public will notice. It not only reflects poorly on the industry as a whole, but public reports of unsafe practices could jeopardize our ability to continue working under the Safer at Home program.


I urge you—for the safety of your team and the community, as well as to ensure that our industry can continue to operate in any capacity during this time—to adopt the business operating guidelines developed by ALCC and its partners and to follow local, state, and federal guidelines for safety with regards to stopping the spread of COVID-19. Tracing the lines of business as usual is a sure way to upend that way of life and risks ceasing business practices and income for the foreseeable future if this industry is shut down due to lack of proper safety protocols. If you see another company not following these guidelines and best practices, it is in all our interests to offer a gentle reminder that their actions can have consequences beyond their worksite.


We have an opportunity to help those unemployed by the pandemic. With record unemployment, we have the chance to show job seekers that they can have a successful career path in the landscape industry. ALCC is working with partners in the hospitality industry to promote landscape careers, and NALP is planning a national campaign to promote the industry. If you have open positions available, post them at and together we can properly represent just how much opportunity there is in our industry for newcomers and experienced candidates alike.


We have an opportunity to establish partnerships that will benefit us beyond the pandemic. ALCC has worked with local, state, and federal leaders to demonstrate that the landscape industry is an essential business and that we can operate during the pandemic with safety and care. We have strengthened our ties to leaders in the ski, restaurant, and resort industries to find ways to work together to resolve our labor issues. We are making efforts to support consumers by offering landscape and gardening tips through the media. You can even look for me in an upcoming media segment, where I will talk about spring irrigation activation and how that might look different to customers as we take additional safety precautions in response to the pandemic. I’ll be the tall guy, badly in need of a haircut and beard trim ;-).


Just as we are all in this together, we are also stronger when we work together. ALCC members and staff have been working tirelessly to advocate for the Colorado landscape industry, to ensure that we can continue to operate and provide for our team and for our clients, and to prove to the public that we are an industry that maintains high standards of safety and professionalism.


Mike Moore
Diggable Designs Landscape Construction, Lakewood
ALCC Board President