December 2019

Matt Hiner

Wow—how quickly the year has passed! As my year as board president comes to a close, I’ve been reflecting on what we’ve accomplished together and looking forward to the next phase of our trade association.

I really feel like this has been a year of hard work and preparation for Sustainable Landscape Management Colorado (SLM). Many professionals have come together to develop this program, and I believe we are setting a quality standard that can contribute to great water savings while maintaining beautiful landscapes in our state. I’ve been inspired by the dedication of ALCC staff and a core group of collaborators who have spent the last year preparing the guide (Sustainable Landscape Management: A Guide to More Sustainable Landscapes in Colorado by Janet Waibel) and the certificate program. Our first training classes roll out this month—I hope you’ll attend and earn your own SLM certificate.

SLM marks a big shift in focus for our organization. ALCC has been going the same direction for many years, and to turn a big ship takes time. While we continue to be active with legislative advocacy—see the success of our latest H-2B fly-in as an example of that—and to develop the next generation of our workforce through Landscape Career Pathways, SLM positions our organization to become a leader in sustainability. As the program moves into full swing, I think we’ll see a lot of great things for us and the association.

One opportunity is a result of the transition of Landscape Industry Certification testing to an online-only format. To preserve the ability of professionals to demonstrate their proficiency in a practical way, ALCC continues to work with NALP to develop a hands-on training program for landscape technicians. This program is another example of how ALCC members are helping create innovative solutions to issues like workforce training, labor shortages, and water conservation. I’m proud of how much we have accomplished by working together.

I want to thank my fellow board members and ALCC members for making my tenure as president a rewarding and exciting one. I look forward to continuing momentum with SLM and can’t wait to see what 2020 holds for our industry.

Matt Hiner
Hiner Outdoor Living, Colorado Springs
ALCC Board President