June 2024

Behind the scenes, as we are busy on our properties, our ALCC association and member volunteers took a trip to Washington DC to talk with our legislators about the H2B program. John McMahon (CEO of ALCC) always does an outstanding job representing our local, state, and national interests. This year’s H2B focus was narrowed to a straightforward ask. Our request this year was a simple change in the release language of the additional H2B visas from “may be released” to “shall be released”. This simple change would automatically trigger a full release of the additional visas when the first cap is met. We have a long way to go in realizing any significant H2B reform, but today’s political atmosphere is not conducive to big change. One recurring thing we heard among our legislators is how challenging this current Congress has been, making the reviewing and passage of 9,000 bills this year alone, quite difficult. You can imagine how hard it would be for our legislators to know about this simple request, which is why, we must continue meeting with our legislators and bringing their focus to these requests.

Thank you to those members who joined us in Washington at such a difficult time of the year. We were a group of more than ten, but I would like to ask if you or anyone you have on staff is interested in being more involved, please let us know and come join us next time. It is a great experience, and you get to witness firsthand the challenges we face as we advocate for thoughtful legislation that helps us keep our businesses thriving.


Brian Levins
Designscapes Colorado Inc.
ALCC Board President

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