June 2019

Matt Hiner

Colorado is finally drought-free—for now—though most of us don’t have time to celebrate. Many landscape professionals are still catching up after severe spring weather events. The term “busy season” is certainly fitting.  

Despite the packed schedule, I will be making time to join my landscape industry peers in Washington, DC next month for Legislative Days on the Hill, and I hope you’ll join us. The Colorado delegation is strong, and our presence among landscape industry advocates from around the nation will demonstrate that. ALCC CEO John McMahon has set up appointments for us to meet with our state representatives to discuss issues around workforce development, the H-2B visa program, lawncare products and services regulation, and more. Contact John to learn how you can join us in what is always an incredibly productive visit to our nation’s capital. 

Back here at home, we continue to forge ahead with the SLM Colorado initiative. Classes are developed and will be scheduled for fall, so that landscape professionals can earn a certificate to demonstrate knowledge of sustainable landscape management practices. More than a dozen companies, municipalities, and organizations have endorsed the program to date, and we anticipate many more endorsements to come.  

SLM Colorado serves ALCC’s mission, to help’s Colorado landscape companies have successful businesses, by reinforcing the importance of professionalism and responsible landscape practices. As stewards of the built landscape, we can use the guidelines in the SLM manual to beautify our communities, conserve water, and maintain a healthier, greener urban environment. 

I look forward to seeing the program become established in cities and towns throughout our state. I believe it will not only improve our communities but also improve the reputation of our industry.

Matt Hiner
Hiner Outdoor Living, Colorado Springs
ALCC Board President