November 2022

Daniel Grange, Brightview Landscape ServicesMore than 12 years ago, I sat in a training at a nursery. I was a young, dumb, install crew leader for a design build company. The instructor was a quirky dude who probably named his chainsaw. My first several minutes were spent trying to figure out if he was serious. I eventually found focus and started listening. As it turned out, this kook knew his chainsaws! I learned how to sharpen by hand.  I learned the importance of sharpening each link uniformly and why you want to see long flat shavings fly out during cuts. At the time, I was living in the northeast and regularly doing storm cleanup for early fall snows and tropical storms. Seeing how a chainsaw cuts was a revelation at the time. I am grateful to the owner of that company who sent us during work hours to deepen our knowledge. As this will be my last ALCC president’s letter, I would like to end the series with a plea to any managers and business owners who are reading. I ask you to increase your support for the training and education of those on your team. 

This year, ALCC created two committees with the intent to increase their participation and leadership in the landscape industry here in Colorado. I am amazed at the achievements and insight discovered by LatiKnows and Women in Green. Common themes with both groups are the importance of education and support from management. For those who own or manage landscape companies, we have an opportunity to show our support for education during ProGreen next year. There will be several classes geared towards women in the industry and others taught in Spanish. 

If you have attended ProGreen in the last several years, you know that it ALWAYS seems to snow. More than an inconvenience, it seems to keep our front-line workers from attending. I cannot say how truly discouraged I was to sit in a Spanish language class last year with one other attendee. My hope is that those reading this message will do all within their power to support attendance at the educational offerings at the upcoming ProGreen. Especially the classes geared towards our field workforce. I do not pretend to know what that would require for your situation. It could mean real sacrifice for you and the members of your team. I do know that the sacrifice will pay off. The progress we seek with our field teams will only accelerate as we support their continual learning. 

Happy holidays! 



Daniel Grange
BrightView Landscape Development
ALCC Board President