March 2020

Mike Moore, Diggable Designs

Although I feel like I just wrote my March letter, this past week has felt like an eternity. At times I’ve feel like one of those blow-up clown toys that keeps getting punched, but warily rises again just to get hit the very next day. It gets exhausting. But good news: you don’t have to go it alone! While we all internalize so much, being open to working through this with others can certainly ease the pain, if not steer a better course.

Whether your team is looking to you for direction, or you are feeling out there on an island wondering if any of your peers are going through these struggles as you, now is the time to open up, reach out and try to connect. We all have something to offer. Community, on the jobsite or in the board room, allows us to gather the best ideas and resources to pull us through.

Although you may not want to blurt out every idea in your playbook to anyone who will listen, starting or continuing a dialogue with your direct reports will help gain momentum so the entire group is able to move cohesively as daily changes come your way. If you are not in a position of authority and feeling in the dark, ask a supervisor if there is planning taking place that you could help implement. It’s an opportunity to show that you are a team player and committed to the greater good.

Don’t feel like the hunt for answers and community needs to stop at the confines of your own company. Call up your supplier and see what they are doing to keep safe and move the ball forward; reach out to a person from another company you may have met at an ALCC happy hour and see how they are faring; and absolutely lean into ALCC, as it is an incredible resource. The ALCC team is working daily to keep our industry safe and in business through our fight against this awful virus.

On behalf of the ALCC board and staff, I invite you to take comfort knowing the ALCC staff is diligently advocating for our industry to be deemed essential; they are constantly taking the pulse of members and sharing how our collective is finding success in keeping our employees and clients safe and keeping production moving; and they are daily updating the ALCC website to make sure this relevant information is available to you, in real time. If you haven’t already, get your updates by visiting as well as monitoring the blog at We are all in this together, so let’s share the load. Having that in mind makes it easier to get back up, dust yourself off and face the next challenge coming your way. Be safe and be well friends.




Mike Moore
Diggable Designs Landscape Construction, Lakewood
ALCC Board President