Tip of the Week

Give grass a little tough love

This time of the year is critical for your grass; spring is when grass grows its feeder roots that capture water all season long. Resist the urge to over water your lawn. Do not let your roots get used to over-watering, this will harm your lawn the rest of the summer. Over-watering will also have a negative effect on your water bill. Everyone likes to save money where they can.

Over-watering can cause turf roots to remain shallow in the top inch or so of soil. Shallow roots dry out sooner, causing stress and brown spots that beg for water. We help develop a healthier, more water-wise lawn by encouraging those water-seeking roots to grow deep. In the heat, the deep-rooted lawn will be less stressed and require less water.

Tips to Promote Root Growth

  • As the days get warmer, especially if there is wind, increase watering to about every 5 to 7 days.
  • If there is no rain, it is OK to water. Test your soil moisture by probing the lawn with a screwdriver. If it is hard to push the screwdriver into the soil, that means it is time to water.
  • Check areas frequently and water them when they become dry.
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