Become an ALCC member and join forces with your industry.  

ALCC's mission is to support the success of Colorado landscape companies.  Take advantage of the myriad of benefits that come with membership. Become a member today and find out what makes ALCC members better by nature

To join ALCC, simply complete the online form (for membership through June 30, 2025) or contact Tammy DiFalco for additional information.  

ALCC offers organization-based membership for landscape companies, suppliers and municipality/affiliate organizations as well as individual membership types for students and retired professionals. Membership dues for landscape companies and suppliers are tiered based on annual gross revenue and pro-rated quarterly to reflect the remaining membership period. Please refer to the new member application for specific pricing.  

Why join ALCC?

You want to know if ALCC is right for your company.  ALCC is the largest green industry association in Colorado.  As an industry comprised of small companies, large companies, maintenance contractors, construction contractors, professional gardeners and designers, every member has different needs.  ALCC membership is not one size fits all. What is important to you?


Here are a few benefits of belonging:

  1. We are committed to our members' success  

    • A wealth of information in the Member Resources section of our website. Find contracts, specs, HR info, business tool-kits, resources to share with customers plus time-saving tools you can use.

    • Colorado Green magazine and our email magazine, Colorado Green NOW. Find timely info on what companies do to solve problems, save time and deal with issues. 

    • Member rates at ProGreen EXPO. Seminars that make you better at what you do and the one-stop shop to see equipment, supplies, products and services that keep the industry running.

    • Members only events.  Seminars, chapter meetings, and networking mixers where you can network with others in the industry.

    • Supplier members. Network with supplier members who are invested in the industry and who want to be a resource for you, not just for what they sell, but also for what they know.

  2. ALCC is an advocate for our members and their issues

    • Advocate for industry positions on issues such as water, labor and hiring.

    • We are proactive to lobby for more favorable H2B Visa policies at the federal level. ALCC has one of the larger state contingencies for the fly-ins in Washington D.C. every year.

    • We're involved in many industry projects with Building Jobs 4 Colorado, National Association of Landscape Professionals, Denver Water, Colorado WaterWise, Colorado State University and we help lead GreenCO's legislative and water efforts.

  3. ALCC is pushing forward to influence consumers

    • Our consumer Facebook page: Landscape in Colorado

    • Weekly Tip of the Week emails to give consumers timely, sustainable and water-wise advice

    • The Sustainable Landscape Partners Program - a peer-to-peer resource for creating more sustainable landscapes which also offers a marketing opportunity for partner companies

    • The ELITE Awards Program - peer-to-peer recognition as well as consumer PR for the company

    • Media and PR efforts that reinforce the value of the sustainable urban landscape

  4. ALCC keeps a finger on the pulse of landscape industry arenas that matter

    • What's in the wind that matters on a state or national level?  DOL audits, job costing software or marketing tools? ALCC works hard to find out what matters and provide you with resources. 

    • Want to volunteer your time at our annual Day of Service, as a training instructor, or on a committee? ALCC believes being involved keeps you grounded in the industry.

Our mission is to support your success. Join online now. 

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