Questions answered regarding enforcement of new sprinkler head law Email
Tuesday, October 27, 2020 03:00 AM

Colorado Green NowThe ALCC/GreenCO lobbyists have looked into the rules around Colorado House Bill 19-1231, “New Appliance Energy and Water Efficiency Standards,” which prohibits the sale and installation of non-pressure-regulated spray heads in irrigation systems as of January 1, 2021. There have been questions from the irrigation community regarding use of spray heads already in stock and about enforcement of the new law.

No formal enforcement plan
They learned that there is currently no formal plan for audits or other reviews to verify that sprinkler bodies are compliant. Investigation and enforcement of the law will likely occur if a complaint is made by a consumer.

National retailers may still carry non-compliant parts
According to lobbyist inquiries, sprinkler heads that are purchased prior to January 1, 2021 are permitted to be installed after that date. Without a formal plan to monitor or audit sales of sprinkler bodies, it is likely that big-box home improvement chains may continue to have non-compliant sprinkler bodies in stock. Much like rain barrels, which could be found at national retail chains in Colorado before their use was legal in the state, national retailers may continue to stock stores with irrigation parts that are unlawful to install in the state.

Consumer education is key
Some consumers (landscape contractors shopping irrigation suppliers or homeowners purchasing a new sprinkler system or having repairs made) may do some price comparison when reviewing estimates. It’s important to remind them that while they may see less-expensive prices on sprinkler parts elsewhere, sales of less-expensive, non-compliant irrigation equipment is unlawful. It might also be helpful to remind them that the initial investment in compliant, water-efficient sprinkler parts will save far more money—and water—in the long run.

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