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Friday, April 14, 2017 12:22 PM

Please email the members of the House State Affairs Committee asking that they support SB 156 so it can move to full vote on the House floor.

The House State Affairs Committee will hear SB 156 on Wednesday.

This comprehensive defects reform bill is backed by the Metro Mayors Caucus, which represents 40 mayors and millions of constituents. It is also supported by the Colorado Municipal League, Habitat for Humanity and Housing Colorado, among others. And SB 156 passed the Colorado State Senate with bipartisan support.

Colorado communities are lacking diverse and attainable housing options due to defects in state law.  Two weeks ago, The Denver Post reported that Colorado is the nation’s epicenter when it comes to housing unaffordability. Specifically, seven of the 12 counties in the entire U.S. where housing affordability is out of balance are along the Front Range.

The near certain risk of protracted, multi-million dollar lawsuits has led to skyrocketing insurance rates and unacceptable business risks for condo builders. In 2005, condos comprised 20 percent of the metro Denver new housing market, while today it has plummeted to just 2 percent.

In an effort to bring housing relief to their communities, 17 Colorado cities and one county have passed comprehensive construction defects reform, but concerns that state law may pre-empt local regulations has continued to discourage new development.

SB 156 would fix problems in the current law by providing a common sense and balanced solution that protects consumers from faulty construction while also increasing diverse and more affordable options for home ownership.

Please email the committee asking it to join the state senate, the Metro Mayors Caucus and an extensive coalition of housing advocates, business leaders, and community groups who have thrown their support behind SB 156.

Time is running out to give Coloradans attainable housing options.

Act Now...

The House State Affairs Committee will hear SB 156 on Wednesday.

Take Action using the form on HOA’s website to submit a letter to the House State Affairs Committee asking them to support SB 156 so it can move to a full vote on the House floor. And share this Call to Action with your network. You can also find contact information for committee members here.

Join us on social media and ignite a Twitter storm. Follow ALCC at @cogreennow and follow HOA @Housing4CO

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