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Tuesday, January 10, 2023 04:00 AM

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Snow removal contractors face frequent equipment theft

By Kimberly Jewell, general manager at GroundMasters/Snow Management Services

Whether you are new to snow and ice management, or have been doing it for years, one thing for certain is there is always change, and change often includes different obstacles to maneuver around or challenges to overcome.

In my 23 years in the industry, I have seen it evolve in so many ways, which include:

  • Equipment that makes sidewalk clearing efficient
  • Heavier duty plows or pushers to clear parking lots faster
  • Use of technology to prove services were performed and help contractors defend themselves should litigation arise
  • Cellphone or computer applications that track time and materials

And the list goes on. These improvements have helped both the contractors and our clients.

But beware…

The unfortunate reality now is many of these improvements come with complications. One that affects us frequently is theft by outsiders. We are all being watched, which makes this feel a bit creepy to me. Until now, I had always thought it was only us “snow fighters” were out in the cold. But this is not the case. Professional thieves are lurking and watching our every move, waiting for the perfect moment to visit the site and take all that we hold dear – our equipment!

Be warned that this is happening frequently, and you need to know! More detailed information will be coming in the next issue of Colorado Green magazine. The longer article will bring awareness to everyone, share some real-world stories and also provide some suggestions and ideas on combating this challenge.

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