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Tuesday, January 10, 2023 02:00 AM

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 Aurora Water anticipates Stage 1 Drought Restrictions for 2023 irrigation season

By Adam Waters, Water Conservation Specialist at City of Aurora/Aurora Water

Amid the worst drought in 1,200 years, reservoirs in the western U.S. are being pushed to the brink. Years of dwindling precipitation, soil aridification and growth in demand mean a year of average, or even above average, mountain snowpack won’t bring the region out of its current water crisis. While Aurora Water’s reservoirs are faring better than some others, they started the new year at just 55% of their combined storage capacity.

In these situations, Aurora turns to its Water Management Plan (WMP) for measures to ensure the sustainability of its water resources. With drought lingering and lackluster snowpack forecasted, Aurora Water will ask Aurora City Council to approve a Stage 1 Drought Declaration for the 2023 irrigation season. Stage 1 drought aims to reduce outdoor water usage by 20%, primarily through increased enforcement of water waste violations and firmer user irrigation restrictions.

Landscape professionals play a critical role in achieving the 20% use reduction outlined by Aurora’s WMP. They will be called on to assist clients in implementing short-term conservation measures such as scheduling adjustments, irrigation repairs and allowing non-functional turf to go dormant through the high heat of summer.

Aurora Water is confident the irrigation restrictions for drought management in 2023 will help bring reservoirs back to adequate levels, but the future of water supplies in the west remains less certain. Landscape professionals will be increasingly tasked with helping customers develop long-term strategies to insulate their communities from the impacts of a hotter, dryer climate through new technology and water-wise landscaping.

In the next issue of Colorado Green magazine, learn more about Aurora Water’s recommendations for adjusting to drought conditions and rebate options to help fund long-term water conservation projects.

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