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Written by Steve Coughran   
Tuesday, January 08, 2019 04:00 AM

LeadershipYour income statement might show a strong bottom line, but the company is cash poor. Yes, you show a profit on paper, but don’t have greenbacks to grow your operations. How can that be?

Both profit and the growth owners want their profits to drive are elusive. There is good growth and bad growth. Right now, Colorado is enjoying a strong economy. If you grow too slowly during a strong economy, you can miss out on the lucrative market upswing. On the other hand, as the last recession showed, if you grow too quickly right before a recession, you could struggle in the downturn to cover debt. How do you stay profitable? Find answers at the 2019 Leadership Academy

“Profit,” is easily misunderstood as a measure of financial success because typically it is narrowly defined as accounting profit based on formulas such as EBIDTA and NOPAT, or simply net income. Yet, those numbers aren’t the full picture, especially if you are interested in good growth. More complete financial measures include “economic profit” which considers opportunity costs and allows for the cost of capital. Without those numbers, financial performance will be distorted leading to poor business decisions.

Then there’s the workforce issue—another growth-complicating factor you know all too well. Even in our strong economy, there are serious challenges.

Need help and sound strategies?

Find direction for your landscape business through a cutting-edge movement called growth-driven leadership. It’s focus: growth that increases profits while maximizing potential—including human potential.

This is the core of ALCC’s upcoming Leadership Academy. You just closed last year’s books and while 2019 is still young, you can start fresh with new goals and opportunities. Here are some of the strategies you as a landscape business owner or leader will learn to capitalize on “good” growth:

  • How to make calculated where-to-compete and how-to-compete decisions.
  • How to embrace data and analytics to make more informed business decisions—the RIGHT decisions.
  • How to understand and commit to trade-offs that best allocate resources and maximize profitability.

 The results of this program are tangible and include:

  • Greater workforce engagement
  • Enhanced productivity and a higher-quality output
  • Satisfied customers leading to more referrals and repeat business, and
  • Increased profitability. 

Learn what you need to know to grow. Involve your team. Register.

Steve Coughran of Coltivar Group will present the 2019 ALCC/Coltivar Growth-Driven Leadership Academy.

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