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Tuesday, September 27, 2016 07:00 AM

Pickens logoLandscape companies that train their irrigation techs and offer other in-house training can get the job done more efficiently by enrolling employees at Pickens Technical College, Aurora. Classes are short, 9-week chunks of time. Instructor Bill Cary also ensures flexibility that helps students meet snow removal and other work obligations around class time. 

Landscape classes at Pickens Tech are built around a model of hands-on learning. Students don’t watch videos on how to operate a skid – most of their class time will be spent on the equipment, learning safe operation and practicing skills they can take back to their jobs. In addition, students practice the hands-on skills required for Landscape Industry Certified Technician testing.

The next quarter begins in October and includes morning classes in landscape design as well as bidding and estimating and an afternoon class on herbaceous perennials. Students in morning classes will be done by 10 am so they can head straight to work. Afternoon classes are around the lunch hour which allows students to take a long lunch break and still keep up with work.

In a couple hours a few days per week over 9 weeks, employees can gain knowledge and hands-on skills that apply directly to their jobs. With more time invested in classes, they can also round out their knowledge and skill sets that will make them more valuable employees and help them move up the career ladder. 

For more specific information, contact Bill Cary at [email protected] or 303 344-4910. Find out about irrigation technician training also offered during the winter months so that your team has the skills to hit the ground running at spring 2016 start-up. 

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