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Written by Lyn Dean   
Tuesday, April 21, 2020 04:00 AM

Eric Moroski & Jeff WeisburgJeff Weisburg, who moved to Colorado from Michigan in 1991, and Eric Moroski, a native Coloradan, first met when they worked for the same company while in their late 20s. Weisburg, who earned a  business degree from University of Michigan, stopped working for others in 1999 when he founded Weisburg Landscape Management (WLM)after buying a small landscape maintenance company with a handful of clients.

Moroski joined Weisburg as a partner in 2003 and claims, “We broke the rule that friends should not become business partners. Jeff and I have slightly different personalities and different roles in the business, and it works. We have had no major disagreements that have shaken the foundation of our friendship or the business.”

“People can make or break any organization,” says Weisburg, and both partners agree that the culture developed in the company, intentionally and unintentionally, brings out the best in people. Weisburg says the 'signature' of their people is: "tough, quick, caring, smart and respectful.” Moroski puts it very simply, “It’s a culture of happiness, which starts with Jeff and me and trickles down to the crews.” Their friendship is strong and their appreciation for each other is reflected through the culture.

How does this culture translate to teams and customers? “It’s awesome being part of a team that truly wants to be famous for caring. To us, caring is a commitment to excellent quality and excellent relationships,” explains Weisburg. “Getting your landscape game on” means to “cherish the joys of being attentive, truthful and showing genuine concern for your clients and coworkers.”

That caring and commitment has paid off in client referrals. Moroski says they don’t advertise; their business comes from their reputation through property managers and others. For him, "'sales’ is simply educating people about landscape care and sustainability, being authentic and developing relationships.” Moroski, who earned a degree in horticulture from Colorado State University, is passionate about sharing the science and data about what works best. He does this to help people “get rid of the emotions caused by fear” when they don’t know the best way to handle landscape challenges.

These 20 years have “been an exciting endurance test,” reflects Weisburg. “A unique pleasure of landscape contracting is that it constantly requires changing gears and steering through new terrain. There are many good times and races ahead to challenge us!”

This article originally appeared in the March/April 2020 issue of Colorado Green magazine. 

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