Colorado Landscape Industry wage survey

This year, ALCC conducted a statewide wage/salary survey for landscape company positions in landscape installation, maintenance, and irrigation as well as higher-level management positions. We initiated this project because there was a lack of reliable, job-specific data that company owners like you can use for benchmarking. Survey results were published in the comprehensive 2016 Wage and Salary Report for Colorado’s Landscape Industry

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We partnered with the University of Colorado’s Leeds School of Business to conduct this survey. Information provided remains 100% confidential; the university received and compiled all the data. Only aggregated results were reported.

There were three purposes of this project:

  1. Currently, the biggest challenge for many companies is finding, retaining and developing employees. The study is designed to help landscape company owners benchmark their compensation with other companies in a similar business segment, cycle, and region of Colorado. 
  2. Completing a survey on the computerThe Department of Labor has limited compensation data for specific landscape jobs. We know from conversations with educators, workforce agencies and the Department of Labor that they would like more reliable wage data about our real-world jobs. They have told us that this information will help their efforts to direct people to our industry.
  3. By and large, the general population is often misinformed about landscape career opportunities. By providing a career path linked to income potential, we can demonstrate that this industry is one of opportunity and upward mobility. Central to ALCC’s mission is to help landscape firms become more successful – and changing public opinion to improve recruiting is key.

Participating businesses should have received a complimentary copy of the report via email. If you participated in the survey and have not received your copy of the study, please contact ALCC at [email protected] or 303 757-5611.

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