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Last week's Tip of the Week

Go beyond the bouquet


Roses traditionally say, "I love you," but a bouquet lasts only so long. Why not say “Happy Valentine’s Day” next week with a plant that will show them love beyond February? 

Stick with roses, but give them the whole plant
Your valentine can keep it indoors for now and move it outside when the weather warms. With proper care, roses will continue to bloom indoors. 

Bring some blooms inside for winter 
Looking for something different from the usual roses? Cyclamen is a popular indoor flowering plant in the winter. It is available in many colors ranging from white, pale pink and hot pink to red. It needs some sunlight and regular watering, so make sure your valentine has the right spot to help it thrive. 

Go green 
Leafy green houseplants make a perfectly on-trend gift. Plus, having plants at home can give your loved one benefits like better moods and improved productivity, according to research. Visit a local garden center for expert advice on the right plant  

Try a durable plant that isn't finicky  
Cast iron plant, like its name implies, is a hardy plant. It grows 2-3 ft. tall and has narrow, dark green leaves. It will live in dark rooms with infrequent watering. It spreads slowly so it rarely needs re-potting. If your sweetie doesn’t have a light-filled room or a green thumb, this might be a good choice.  


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