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Tuesday, April 12, 2016 05:00 AM


Paradise Found by Designscapes ColoradoOne of the most anticipated announcements at ALCC’s ELITE Awards is the Best Use of Color – People’s Choice Award. For 2016, that designation went to Designscapes Colorado for their project, “Paradise Found.”

The Use of Color – People’s Choice category celebrates projects demonstrating effective use of annual and/or perennial plants for landscape color. Finalists are chosen based on their innovative use of color, degree of difficulty, plant selection, quality and placement. 

Designscapes Colorado described the project in their own words:

The homeowners built this home with intention to entertain for their philanthropic interests and has stunning architecture that extends to several creative and artistic gardens. The gardens encourage guests to wander and relax while enjoying the beautiful seasonal color, practical use of edibles and perennials designed for all season beauty with an incorporation of native plantings. The dramatic use of plant colors, textures, varieties and aromas enhance the feeling of “Paradise Found.”

Designscapes provided bold, vibrant and unique plantings to accent the dramatic architecture. The plant selection, quality, and variety create visual interest and year-round color. The courtyard has a Mediterranean feel, with Xeric and succulent plantings incorporated. There is a large cutting garden with flowers, a garden with herbs and aromatic plants (chosen for their wonderful fragrance as well as their ability to attract pollinators), and a kitchen garden with edible plants. Container gardens were installed to soften the hardscape of the pool area.

Designscapes Colorado staff were on hand for the announcement at the March 16 ceremony. They included CEO Phil Steinhauer and Residential Construction Division Manager Charlene Farley Chacon, who accepted the award onstage for the team.

The ELITE Award for Best Use of Color is decided by a public vote. Project photos are shared on social media and on the ALCC web site, and anyone can vote for their favorite landscape. This year, response to the stunning images of colorful plantings was tremendous, with the number of votes easily eclipsing previous contests. No doubt that the work performed by all finalists was eye-catching and impressive. [See photos of all finalist projects at]

This article is one in a series about The ELITE Awards. Look for more stories in the next Colorado Green NOW. 

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