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Tuesday, May 11, 2021 04:00 AM

Demand for landscape services is high these days, though landscape companies continue to face challenges in taking advantage of that demand and growing their business. Workforce shortage, supply chain disruption, and more can slow the pace of growth.

But one area of opportunity that has not shrunk amid ongoing challenges is that of support from within the industry. The catchphrase, “We are all in this together,” repeated often during the pandemic, is especially true in the green industry.

As current professionals can attest, the Colorado landscape industry’s culture is one of collaboration and support. Even within metro areas where companies are competitors, there is a willingness to share knowledge that may not be as prevalent in other competitive industries.

Landscape companies are often collaborative than competitive
Brian C. Brandy of Higher Ground Landscapes, Arvada recalled that the late Tom Trench came to his home when his company was new and “patiently and precisely showed us how to be a more successful company.” Some of this openness and generosity is borne out of a desire to educate the next generation of the landscape industry.

Company owners want to see the industry be successful, and they want to leave a legacy that continues beyond their own retirement.

“We call on our network of peers often to get feedback and ask questions,” say Stephanie Early of Timberline Landscaping, Colorado Springs. “We sought this help when vetting new software, gathering info for profit-sharing programs, and much more! It has been beneficial to us as we have grown to seek out companies of similar size or experience. Sometimes you do have to seek help from out-of-state.”

The Timberline team is willing to give back in return. “We are very open with advice and mentoring as a company,” Early explains. “Anyone is welcome to reach out to our c-suite team. Depending on their questions we can get them to the right person!”

Timberline also invites professionals from outside the company to attend in-house training sessions, including classes designed for those studying for Landscape Industry Certification. Non-employees are invited as space allows, though COVID restrictions have forced the company to limit attendance in the last year despite opening a new 85-person-capacity training room in June 2020.

“The goal remains to get to a point that we can invite others,” Early explained. We remain committed to sharing our knowledge to further the industry as a whole.”

Organizations like Associated Landscape Contractors of Colorado (ALCC) also help to encourage the culture of openness and sharing with networking events and trying to facilitate mentoring relationships between members.

This excerpt originally appeared in the May/June issue of Colorado Green magazine.

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