July is Smart irrigation month

July is Smart Irrigation MonthGovernor Hickenlooper has again proclaimed July as Smart Irrigation Month for the State of Colorado.  One of only a few to make this proclamation, he is proactive among his peers who govern in semi-arid states.  

Smart Irrigation Month is an opportunity for green industry pros to educate and market smart irrigation to customers who will be able to cut water use and utility bills and probably qualify for rebates from water providers. The webinar below will show you how to make the most of it.


See below for links to 8 videos you can forward to or share with your customers to educate them in smart irrigation practices that should be in place whether or not there is a drought or mandatory watering restrictions in their area.

Are you telling your customers how they can reduce outdoor water use with these 4 steps?

  • Conduct an irrigation audit to determine if all equipment is working properly and to check water pressure.
  • Upgrade nozzles in older sprinkler heads with the new models that reduce evaporation.  Property owners need to know that nozzles are small and inexpensive components that play a big role in saving water.
  • Replace spray heads with drip irrigation for non-turf areas.  Drip reduces evaporation and puts more water directly at the roots where it is needed most.
  • Replace the old controller with a weather-based smart controller and install rain/moisture sensors. 

Follow these links to videos that you can share with your customers:

5 things that make a sprinkler system smart

3 ways to save water without a smart controller

How YOU make your smart controller smarter

Smart controllers 101

Products that make your sprinkler system smart:

Sprinkler heads

Drip irrigation



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