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Written by Cherie Courtade   
Monday, November 23, 2015 01:02 AM


Micro-volunteer with phoneVolunteers are the backbone of ALCC
Volunteerism is the driving force behind many organizations. Most of us understand the value of offering our time, skills, and talent to a good cause. But fitting volunteer work into our busy, accelerated business days can often seem impossible.

Enter the age of micro-volunteering. While volunteers serving on a task force or committee are important, small efforts on behalf of a cause can go a long way.

What is micro-volunteering?

Micro-volunteering is a type of virtual volunteering, which can be done from home or on-the-go from a computer or smartphone. While micro-volunteer opportunities come in many forms, the rise of social media has made it easy to support groups that are important to you.

How can it help the landscape industry?

  • Awareness: Simply mentioning and linking to information about the industry and related issues helps make more people aware. It also helps your peers see that there is
  • Advocacy: Individuals can use social media--especially Twitter--to share their views on legislation and issues that affect them. Tweeting to governmental leaders and retweeting information to promote legislation, responsible water use, and more can help the pubic understand your stance, influence leaders to support your cause, and educate voters.
  • Support: Demonstrating your passion for the green industry by sharing information on Facebook, Twitter, or other social media can influence others to get involved. Being a good example of professionalism shows other business owners that they might benefit from involvement in a trade organization like ALCC.

Is it just tweeting about legislative bills?
No. While legislation and advocacy are important—and easy—ways to support your industry, there are other ways you can help ALCC and the landscape industry grow.

  • Photos: When you attend an event, take photos and share them not just on social media, but with the host and with ALCC. Great photos help tell your story, and having photos from supporters lends a different perspective to events.
  • Polls and surveys: Taking a few minutes to respond to a poll question or Fast Friday survey can provide valuable information to the organization and to industry peers. Best of all, you can do it any time of day, when you have the time.
  • Emails: From sharing your accomplishments with ALCC staff (promoting member achievement shows the world how we are improving the industry together) to sharing information about industry programs with your peers, you can help grow ALCC and the industry.

Even when business is booming, it’s important to support your industry and your industry association. Contact ALCC at 303 757-5611 or email [email protected] to find out how you can work micro-volunteering into your business plan.

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