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Tuesday, September 13, 2016 03:00 AM

We're hiringA key factor in recruiting new employees is to reach potential candidates where they live. For skilled labor, it makes sense to recruit on campuses or near programs that teach the skills you need, such as irrigation and design.

Online job listings are often free or low cost and take minimal effort to set up.,,, and are all among the web sites that you can use to post job listings. And as an ALCC member, you can post free listings at the classified ads.

But despite all the technology around us, the Internet is still not a one-stop solution for recruitment. Not all job seekers have a digital resume, and they may not have unlimited access to computers and the Internet. For many people, a mobile phone may be their primary means of Internet access. Uploading a resume or completing a lengthy online application may be difficult or impossible on a mobile device. And for someone who is looking for a new career, keywords like landscape won’t enter their mind when searching for jobs, keeping them from learning about opportunities in the green industry. 

For general labor and newcomers to the industry, think about where the eligible pool of candidates spends time in your region. Consider creating postcards or flyers about your business that also advertise careers in landscape. Place flyers with pull-tabs (so that interested parties can take your phone number or web site URL home for late) in community centers, church halls, car washes, laundromats, convenience stores or supermarkets…even in medical centers. Many of these community landmarks and organizations offer a bulletin board with news and information. Look for ways to find prospective employees where they live, work, and play.

Always be recruiting
Learn from the big companies: never miss a chance to promote career opportunities with your business. Let your advertising do double duty. Include “Work with us” messaging into print ads, radio spots, online ads, email, direct mail, and flyers.

Even if you have no open positions, letting the public know that there are careers available helps establish the industry.

Let your vehicles do the talking
A professional paint job or wrap on your car or fleet trucks is a high-profile way to put your business in front of customers and potential employees. In addition to information about your business, make sure you include “Join our team” messaging.

Paint or wraps too expensive? Consider a custom magnetic cling. You only need a few for the trucks that are in use, and you can move them to a new vehicle when necessary. You can event transfer the cling to your personal vehicle for added exposure after business hours.

Got an equipment yard? Instead of an unmarked [or under-marked] warehouse or yard, have a custom vinyl banner made that advertises both your businesses and opportunities to join your team.

Want more tips on recruiting new employees? Download the recruitment resource guide at ALCC's recruitment resource page.

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