Colorado proclaims Pollinator Week 2018 Email

Once again, Governor Hickenlooper has officially proclaimed the third week of June to be Pollinator Week in Colorado. The proclamation confirms the state's commitment to pollinator health and the public's concern for providing bees and other pollinators with sources of food and shelter.

If your clients are interested in supporting pollinators in their landscape, you can direct them to the ALCC web site for more information. The pages feature facts, videos, and links to research about bees and other pollinators. Readers can delve into the topics of bee health, attracting pollinators to the landscape, choosing pollinator-friendly plants.

For professionals and consumers alike, Pollinator Partnership, the organization behind Pollinator Week, offers a free BeeSmart app, available for both Apple and Android systems, that offers helpful suggestions for pollinator-friendly plants suitable to your ecoregion. Simply download the app, enter your ZIP code, and get customized information for your landscape.

This video from PlantSelect is a great introduction to planting for pollinators and can be shared with consumers so that they understand that supporting pollinators means more than planting flowers for honey bees.

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