New toll-free H-2B calling system Email
Friday, March 09, 2018 04:00 PM

H-2B updateNALP set up a toll-free calling system to assist H-2B users in calling their elected officials. The details about how to use the system are below. Please keep up the calls to your Senators and Representative urging them to include H-2B cap relief in the upcoming omnibus appropriations bill. Read the NALP announcement:

Call Congress on Us to Urge H-2B Cap-Relief Today!
We are entering a critical stage in the fight for 2018 cap-relief. Significant progress has been made and our efforts are paying off! Despite progress, we can not let up - Congress is also hearing from anti-immigration groups who are urging AGAINST providing any additional H-2B visas. NALP has established a new TOLL-FREE calling system to connect H-2B users and stakeholders directly to the D.C. offices of their members of Congress!

To contact your members of Congress, dial 1 (833) SAV-EH2B (1-833-728-3422) from your phone and follow the instructions. You will be connected directly to the main phone line in the D.C. office of the first of your three Congressional representatives. Once the first call ends, don't hang up! By staying on the line the system will automatically connect you to the next two offices of your Congressional delegation. With one call you can register your support for H-2B cap-relief with both U.S. Senators and the Congressperson who represents your district!

If you would prefer, you can also place your call using our online Member Advocacy Center. We have set up a special H-2B action calling system that can be directly activated through your computer or mobile device. Simply enter your name and address, click the "call me" button, and you will immediately receive a call that patches you through to the D.C. offices of your members of Congress - all at no cost to you!

Those who use the online calling system will also have access to an optional script to help you structure your message. We have provided talking points which will be available on screen once your calls begin.

This service will help to ensure that our voices are heard on this critical issue - so make sure Congress continues to hear our voice, and start placing those calls today!