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Friday, March 17, 2017 12:15 PM

H-2B program updateFrom the H-2B Workforce Coalition:

Important H-2B Twitter a Campaign – Your Videos are Needed!

Tweet a video to your Senators and Representative using#SaveH2B. You can find their twitter addresses at: Find your Colorado reps on this form

We hope that all H-2B users will use their mobile phones to create a 30-60 second video urging Congress to address the H-2B Cap. Please tweet the videos directly to your lawmakers and include #saveH2B. The H-2B Workforce Coalition will also share some of the videos on our Facebook page. Please include the following information in your video: 

  • Your Name;
  • The city and state where your business is located and the geographic area that the business serves;
  • A statement about the specific impact of the cap on your business such as the inability to fulfill a contract, loss of revenue, potential layoffs of American workers, the need to cancel planned equipment or supply purchases, etc.
  • A direct appeal to your lawmakers to work with your party leadership to pass H-2B cap relief immediately.
  • Remember the goal is to keep these videos under 60 seconds. 

Thank you for all you are doing to #saveH2B! 


H-2B Workforce Coalition Co-Chairs
Laurie-Ann Flanagan, Representing AmericanHort and the National Association of Landscape Professionals
Brian Crawford, American Hotel and Lodging Association
Gregg Hartley, Representing the Outdoor Amusement Business Association

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