New Ft Collins ordinance affects landscape companies Email
Friday, November 04, 2016 02:00 AM

Leaf blowerA new ordinance in Fort Collins related to fugitive dust that went into effect November 1, 2016 impacts landscape companies. It applies to leaf removal and saw cutting. See: Dust Prevention and Control Manual

The City of Fort Collins has offered to provide ALCC members with a training session to discuss the ordinance, clarify compliance, and answer questions specifically about leaf blowers. ALCC is working with the City to schedule this session so that members' questions can be addressed.

CORRECTION: The City is NOT forming an advisory group to look into any possible ban of leaf blowers (or other maintenance equipment) at this time, as previously noted in this post.

According to conversations with the City of Fort Collins:

          • They are actively reaching out to stakeholders regarding the Fugitive Dust Ordinance that went into effect Nov. 1.
          • The City is interested in providing a training class for our members about this ordinance, what's involved with compliance and to answer questions you may have. 
          • The City is NOT considering a ban on leaf blowers at this time.
          • And the City isn't currently forming an advisory group to gather input on lawn and garden maintenance equipment regulations.

We apologize for any confusion and unnecessary distress caused by the previous post. ALCC appreciates the City's patience in taking calls from concerned members as a result of that post or our email to members. We appreciate the City's efforts to clarify the situation with us and also their willingness to help inform our industry about this recent ordinance pertaining to fugitive dust.

If you have questions about this ordinance, please contact Jenna Channel, Assoc. Environmental Planner at 970.416.4235 or [email protected]

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