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Colorado Green NOW
Wednesday, February 25, 2015 10:00 PM


ALCC classifieds are free for membersWe know landscape companies are finding employees by posting job ads on And we can also tell you many companies are not making their ads as effective as they could be.

If you take a few minutes to update company info behind the scenes and then follow some tips for the info that is in your ad, you will increase your effectiveness in reaching job seekers. Here is our checklist:

Before posting ads, do the following:

  • Update your company profile at by adding the company logo so it will show up when you post each ad. Some size restrictions apply to the size of the image, so if you need help, contact Cherie Courtade at 720 465-7074..
  • Update your forum profile with company location and a signature. In the signature, write a brief description of your business that is targeted to job seekers. This will appear at the bottom of every ad you place and will help job seeker know something about your company that might encourage them to apply.

When posting ads:

  • Be aware that the name of the person posting the ad will appear in the ad.
  • In the body of the ad include the name of the company, job description, compensation and nature of position (seasonal, potential for year-round, etc.).
  • Include multiple ways for job seekers to contact you such as phone, email, link to online application if people can apply in person, include the address and hours applications are taken.
  • To include your logo or other image in the body of the ad, it must have a URL. You cannot upload a photo to the ad, but if the photo “lives” on your web site, you can link to it and it will appear within your ad.
  • Be aware that ads are deleted after 30 days and cannot be retrieved. If the ad may need to be reposted, save the information elsewhere so that it can be posted again later.

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