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Wednesday, December 09, 2020 04:00 AM

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To mark their 100th anniversary, the National Garden Bureau surveyed home gardeners on their preferences and trends in DIY gardening. Understanding why people garden and what they want in their gardens can help landscape professionals improve their product and service offerings. We’ve sifted through the findings to identify opportunities for green industry services to find customers and offer what they want.

Why do people garden
Even before the pandemic, gardening was an escape from stress. Gardeners also want to grow their own food, and a beautiful, relaxing outdoor space that supports pollinators and other wildlife.  

What keeps people from gardening
Four major factors intimidate those interested in gardening. Potential gardeners fear that:

  • They don’t know enough/will fail.
  • They don’t have the room for a successful garden.
  • It is too expensive
  • It takes too much time/effort.

These hurdles—myths, really—can be overcome with consultations, email tips, classes, or other professional guidance.

What do people want in their garden
Survey respondents were open to smart tools and gadgets to simplify gardening to save time and effort. Many respondents felt they didn’t have the time for a successful garden.

More food, less mowing. Homeowners still want a beautiful lawn, but they want less of it. Not believing they have enough space for their gardening goals is a concern. Show them how to grow food in small spaces, or make sure they know that containers and vertical gardens may be an option.

Where do gardeners find inspiration?
While garden centers and other retail locations remain a top source of information, consumers—especially younger ones—look to social media for inspiration and for instruction. If your company isn’t on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest, you might be missing out on reaching prospective clients.

Learn more about the survey at the National Garden Bureau website.

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