Legislative update from ALCC June 12, 2020 Email
Friday, June 12, 2020 12:00 AM

I am checking in with ALCC members to update you on the status of legislation that affects the Colorado landscape industry. There have been a significant number of changes at the state capitol in light of COVID-19 and protests. We asked our lobbyists to provide an update on the current legislative session, which you will find below. After a two-month recess amid the COVID-19 pandemic and stay-at-home orders, the state’s General Assembly reconvened on May 26th to address pending legislation—amid a $3.3B budget shortfall. 

Our partners in GreenCO and GreenCO’s lobbyists have been working overtime to nurture relationships and move our agenda forward in the new communications and legislative environment. 2020 is a key election year in our country and in our state. Not only is it a presidential election, but all of the House of Representatives and just over half of Senate in the Colorado General Assembly will be up for grabs. The Senate is getting much attention as the split is 19-16 in favor of the Democrats, and the Republicans will look to take back to the majority. It is expected that there will be more ballot initiatives proposed than usual, including Paid Family and Medical Leave.

GreenCO lobbyists and legislative committee members will interview Colorado’s candidates for House and Senate in order to make decisions on whom to support and endorse. If you are interested in participating in these interviews, please contact John McMahon at [email protected]. As the elections grow closer, we will reach out to our members to help us with contributions so we can support the candidates that we plan to endorse.

Due to the state budget shortfall, we have seen most bills with a negative fiscal impact to the State and many controversial bills postponed indefinitely. There is expectation that many of those bills will be revisited in future sessions. However, new legislation related to the pandemic and its economic impact have been introduced. With the introduction of these bills as well as bills that were still in the process prior to the recess, the business community has built a large coalition to address these measures as they are moving quickly through the process.

Below is an update on proposed legislation that is or would impact the landscape industry and related businesses:

Passed and sent to the Governor:

HB20-1023 State Address Data for Sales And Use Tax Collection: Concerning certain address database systems used for sales and use tax collection.

Will pass:
HB20-1022 Sales And Use Tax Simplification Task Force:
Concerning the sales and use tax simplification task force, and, in connection therewith, extending the task force, modifying the task force's duties, and removing the requirement that the task force undergo an evaluation by the department of regulatory agencies prior to the task force's repeal.

Bills still in process:

  • HB20-1415 Whistleblower Protection Public Health Emergencies: Concerning a worker’s rights in the workplace for conduct related to a principal’s actions during a public health emergency.
  • SB20-205 Sick Leave For Employees: Concerning the requirement that employers offer sick leave to their employees.
  • SB20-207 Unemployment Insurance: Concerning unemployment insurance.

Bills postponed indefinitely:

  • HB20-1180 Protect Pollinators Through Pesticide Regulation: Concerning the protection of pollinators by restricting the use of certain pesticides.
  • HB20-1195 Consumer Digital Repair Bill Of Rights: Concerning a requirement that a manufacturer of digital electronic equipment facilitate the repair of the equipment by providing persons other than authorized repair providers affiliated with the manufacturer with the resources needed to repair the equipment.
  • SB20-216 Workers’ Compensation for COVID-19: Concerning the creation of presumptions related to an essential worker who contracts COVID-19 for purposed related to workers’ compensation.
  • SB20-189 Local Government Pesticide No Preemption: Concerning provisions that preempt a local government’s authority to regulate the use of pesticides within the local government’s jurisdiction.

To see all the bills GreenCO is tracking and learn more about the positions they have taken regarding legislation, please refer to the Bill Tracker.

I invite you to share your thoughts on pending legislation and upcoming elections so that we can better represent ALCC members in the process of legislative advocacy. I also invite you to get involved by communicating with your representatives. It is impossible to understate the impact of a single phone call to your legislators’ office. In order for them to serve their constituents, they need to know about your concerns.

You can reach me via email or at 303 757-5611 if you would like to discuss this email or any of ALCC and GreenCO’s advocacy efforts.

Warm Regards,


John McMahon | Chief Executive Office
Associated Landscape Contractors of Colorado