Quarantine leads Coloradans to look for landscape improvements Email
Tuesday, June 09, 2020 05:00 AM

Ivy Street Design patio workWith the pandemic keeping people at home for an extended time, some consumers have turned their attention to their yards. Whether they are noticing a few areas in their landscape that are ripe for improvement, starting a vegetable garden for the first time, or looking to create a staycation paradise in their yard, many Coloradans are looking for help in their landscapes.  

Designs for the DIYer 
Some ALCC members have noted an increase in phone calls from consumers looking for designs that they can install themselves. While some contractors do not offer design-only services, there are some landscape contractors who can supply homeowners with a design and a list of supplies needed for the task.  

Renovation requests 
ALCC has an online “find a landscape professional” search function to connect consumers with landscape companies. But some people prefer to call the ALCC offices for referrals. In years past, spring calls to the ALCC offices were usually requests for services to haul away storm or cleanup debris or for “the cheapest” company that could do renovation or maintenance work.  

In recent weeks, however, ALCC has received a higher volume of calls than usual, and those callers are looking for companies to do larger renovation projects. Staff who take the calls have noted that they are working to find companies that are able to take on new projects in an effort to assist these callers. (ALCC members can update their find-a-landscape-professional profile here and can email [email protected] to let her know that you are available to take on new renovation/installation projects.) 

Staycation paradise 
Landscape companies are noticing an increase on requests for renovations that increase privacy and provide improved outdoor living. Since people are unable to travel, they want their backyard to be a place to escape the four walls of their home and to relax. Some are looking for outdoor recreation, while others simply want to extend their living space.  

A gardening renaissance 
The timing of stay-at-home orders coincided with the time of year when gardeners should be starting their seeds or planning their vegetable gardens. Whether it was due to concern about access to groceries during shutdown orders or simply a way to pass the time while staying at home, consumers bought seeds and plants at a tremendous rate. Some seed suppliers sold out of stock, and plant sales were swift. Garden centers have seen increased sales, and some people sought professionals to design, install or maintain their gardens. 

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