Question about face covering requirement for outdoor work Email
Thursday, May 21, 2020 12:00 AM

Recently, a member posed a question to ALCC regarding state mandates regarding face coverings. While one statement says that masks are to be worn indoors but not necessarily outdoors, the public health order states elsewhere that all essential businesses are to wear masks--with no specification regarding indoors vs. outdoors. The landscape company that approached ALCC noted that "wearing a mask in 90-degree weather is becoming hazardous to their health" and asked for our help in getting clarification regarding essential workers who work outdoors. 

In speaking with our lobbyists, who are closely following health orders and executive orders and related regulations, we received the following guidance:

Here are a few lines that would relate to the public health order for landscaping. If outside and six feet apart, masks are not required. Only when dealing directly with customers or interactions with others inside six feet and for safety reasons.
  • Maintain six-foot distancing from other employees and customers
  • Adhere to all general rules or guidance on social gathering limitations when working in the field, including in someone’s business or personal home
  • Require gloves and face coverings or masks for any in-person interactions or work being done in third-party homes or office spaces
  • Require service providers to stay home if showing any symptoms or signs of sickness or if they have had contact with a known positive case
  • Provide estimates, invoices, and other documentation electronically (no paper)
  • Seek contactless payment options (whenever possible)

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