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Wednesday, April 29, 2020 01:00 PM

The pandemic has affected the landscape industry in many ways, yet the labor shortage continues to affect our operations. If you are struggling to fill your open positions or replace workers who have taken leave due to illness or caregiving duties, we want to help you connect with those looking for work.

ALCC is working with leaders in industries experiencing great job loss to direct displaced workers to new opportunities in the landscape industry.

But we need your cooperation in order to make these connections successful.

We want to drive job seekers to a one-stop shop for available landscape jobs that begins at But we can’t do that without a robust list of openings.

What we need from you

  • Post your jobs at If we promote jobs in the landscape industry and there are just a few jobs listed, job seekers might become frustrated and move away from the page. But offering many job openings on one site properly reflects the industry as one that is full of opportunity. Listing a job is free, and the site offers jobs seekers the ability to search job listings by location and by skills required. That leads us to…
  • Whenever appropriate, use keywords in your job title and job description that a job seeker new to the industry would use. We will advise those new to the industry to look for jobs that contain any of the following phrases:
    • Entry level
    • No experience necessary
    • We will train
  • Tell your company website address and let us know if you have a page with job listings or online applications. We are building a search function for our Careers page that will allow job seekers to find ALCC member companies based near them. The search results will offer them the name, city, phone number and website of each company so that they can follow up and contact local businesses about job openings. If we don’t have updated information for your business, job seekers will not be able to find you. If you list your open positions or have an application on your site, it may be more inviting for potential applicants.

ALCC will continue to advocate for the landscape industry and find new ways to help you deal with the labor shortage. We thank you for your cooperation in helping us build an attractive invitation to join our industry.