COVID-19 news from the landscape industry Email
Tuesday, March 17, 2020 02:00 PM

How are your peers handling COVID-19 in their business?

CoronavirusIn conversations with ALCC members, we've learned that landscape companies are responding to the Coronavirus outbreak with the health and safety of their employees and communities in mind. Some tactics being practiced by members include:

      • Smaller crews and workgroup separation to accommodate safe social distancing.
      • Hiring events have been canceled or postponed.
      • Crew members travel to work sites in their own vehicles to keep social distancing protocols.
      • Disinfectants, hand sanitizer, soap/water and other hygiene supplies are made available for each vehicle.
      • Reviewing CDC and OSHA guidelines with all employees to understand the proper protocols and sanitizing practices.
      • Staggered start times for staff and crews in 15-minute increments. This allows crews to clock in, load equipment and leave for work sites before the next crew.
  • No visitors to the office are allowed--only essential employees.
  • Staff who have the ability to work remotely are encouraged to do so.
  • No face-to-face meetings; all meetings are done via conference call or video chat.
  • Review of proper sanitizing practices, crews are reminded to regularly wash their hands and clean/disinfect all surfaces (door handles, equipment, controls, etc.)
  • Equipment is assigned and not shared or traded.
  • Work has been reduced to necessary jobs only.
  • Employees who feel sick or have a sick household members are encouraged to stay home.
  • Requirements for paid time off or extended absence have been relaxed and are on the honor system.
  • Employees are encouraged to bring coffee/food from home to avoid stops at other locations during the day and risking exposure.
  • Adobe Scan is a free app that one company has implemented to allow crews in the field to send paperwork or time cards easily by pdf to the office.

Several companies noted the unique position of the landscape industry. We are fortunate to work outside, which gives us the ability to practice social distancing more easily. We are stewards of the environment, and now more than ever people are looking to their landscapes for beauty and comfort. No one has reported cancelation of contracts as a result of Coronavirus, and members are working hard to fulfill their obligations while keeping employees and the community safe.

Tomorrow: learn what adjustments to workloads some companies are implementing. Share your ideas, resources, etc. with us at [email protected]. ALCC is compiling resources at