811 locates impacted by COVID-19 Email
Monday, March 16, 2020 11:00 AM

CO 811 locatesColorado 811 has issued an update on the COVID-19 impact on operations. Please keep in mind that as of today (March 16), 811 locates rules are still in effect. From their website:

The Underground Damage Prevention Safety Commission is requiring all member facility owners/operators to respond to all excavation notices/tickets during the COVID-19 state of emergency. Colorado 811 understands that some organizations are closing their offices, still please keep in mind not only do members/facility owners need to respond to all tickets but they MUST in all cases respond to emergency and damage tickets (communication to the excavator and/or marks on the ground).
If a member/facility owner is impacted by COVID-19 and their organization is ONLY locating emergency and damage tickets, they must post a response for all other tickets using the code 015 EXTRAORDINARY CIRCUMSTANCE. We will no longer automatically post the COVID-19  071 EXTRAORDINARY CIRCUMSTANCES response for members that close their offices. 
The Colorado One Call Law has not changed and all member facility owners/operators are required to mark all underground facilities. Not responding to excavation notices is a violation of Colorado One Call Law and may put people at risk of injury or may damage property.
Colorado 811 operations will not be impacted and we will still be accepting calls through 811 and online requests via our website
COVID-19 Closures: 
  • Adams County – Facility Type: Storm Sewer – Member Code: ADCOPW
  • Adams County – Facility Type: Traffic – Member Code: ADCOTF
  • Liberty Media Corporation – Facility Type: Fiber, Telco – Member Code: LBYMD1
COVID-19 Partial Closures:
  • Poudre School District – Facility Type: Electric, Gas, Sewer, Water – Member Code: PDRSCH
  • Adams 12 Five Star Schools – Facility Type: All types – Member Code: ADMSCH12
  • Grand Valley Rural Power Lines – Facility Type: Electric – Member Code: GVEL01
If your organization operations will be closed because of COVID-19, we ask that you contact our Member Relations Department ASAP by emailing [email protected].

Get up-to-date details on facility closures, partial closures, and more at https://colorado811.org/covid-19-impact/.