Sustainable Colorado

Sustainable Landscape Management (SLM) Colorado
ALCC is setting the standard for landscape maintenance in Colorado. This program will:
  • Create a blueprint for all professionals who maintain landscapes
  • Increase water conservation and reduce plant loss
  • Raise the level of professionalism

Sustainable Landscape Partners
The ‘green’ movement spurred ALCC to take xeriscape and conservation to the next phase. In 2013, ALCC launched the Sustainable Landscape Partners Program which includes member companies that promote and practice sustainable landscape practices. ALCC Sustainable Landscape Partners have taken the training and are committed to upholding the principles in Green Strategies. Each has earned the Sustainable Partner designation. 

Green Strategies for Colorado Landscapes
ALCC also developed Green Strategies for Colorado Landscapes which is a sustainable approach to landscape design, installation, and maintenance that protects Colorado resources.  Green Strategies are intended to guide professionals, but also serve as a consumer resource. Topics cover landscaping in harmony with the natural conditions in Colorado, conserving water and energy, composting and recycling, nurturing healthy soils, employing responsible insect and disease control, and preserving wildlife habitat. The landscape industry is part of the environmental solution. Adopting these principles and practices will increase the health of Colorado’s landscapes.Green strategies include the following:

  • Water conservation and management
  • Plants and planting
  • Landscape maintenance
  • Soil
  • Landscape materials

Sustainable Landscape Installation
Details coming soon. 

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