Landscape companies invited to participate in compensation data survey for the industry Email
Written by NALP/ALCC   
Wednesday, January 23, 2019 05:00 AM

Business workAs part of its Industry Growth Initiative (IGI), National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP) is working to gather credible, comprehensive compensation data for the landscape industry with a nationwide survey. Associated Landscape Contractors of Colorado, as part of its efforts to increase the landscape industry labor workforce in Colorado, has partnered with NALP to help collect data in the state.

Credible national data does not exist on compensation and benefits for the landscape industry. Information currently available in the US misrepresents earning potential within the industry, and the survey aims to dispel the myth that individuals cannot earn a decent living by owning or working for a landscape company. One of the barriers in recruiting individuals to the landscape profession is the misconception that salaries are not competitive.

NALP is conducting the survey with a goal to not only enhance national data but to drill down to the state level and provide comprehensive information by state. In order to achieve this, there must be significant participation, and ALCC has committed to supporting the effort in Colorado. Landscape company owners can access the survey online at

Business owners who complete the survey and provide their company compensation data will receive:

  • Company-specific Compensation Reports (CCRs) -- confidential, individualized reports of a participant’s own compensation and benefit information shown alongside the appropriate comparatives (i.e., market focus, revenue size, region, etc.). The information contained in these reports provides participants with a useful managerial tool for identifying compensation levels that may be too high or too low as well as the strength of their benefit packages.
  • Detailed Excel data tables containing all of the data aggregates, including state-specific data breaks. 
  • Searchable Results Application -- an online tool which allows users to filter the complete data set by various combinations of selections, well beyond the level of detail possible for the overall report. 
  • An online, interactive infographic -- an attractive, easy-to-digest printout of the survey’s most important and interesting results.
  • A copy of the final national report.

Data security
Submitted data will be treated in the strictest confidence by Industry Insights, Inc., an outside, third party firm that specializes in such studies. Industry Insights implements reasonable physical, administrative and technical safeguards (e.g., passcodes, encryption, etc.) to protect company-specific information from unauthorized access, use and disclosure. For more details on privacy and security, see the full privacy policy.

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