Fort Collins water restrictions include ban on lawn watering Email
Tuesday, September 22, 2020 03:00 AM

No waterThe City of Fort Collins has instituted water restrictions due to ongoing drought conditions. Among the restrictions is a ban on landscape watering beginning October 1. The ban will remain in effect until an order of the City Manager lifts it; city officials expect that order to be made by November 30. A declaration made on Friday, September 11 declared the water restrictions, which affect both indoor and outdoor water use.

The rules for landscape water use include:

          • Lawn watering is not allowed.
          • Irrigation systems can be run in test mode for maintenance purposes only, and use of test runs should be minimized.
          • Trees may be watered only by hand, drip system or deep root fork or needle.
          • Plants for food production may be watered only by hand or via drip system.
          • Other landscapes may be watered only by hand or via drip system. (Other landscape can be flowers, shrubs, or other landscape plantings or plants not used in food production and which are not lawns or trees).

Water users can apply for exception permits for new lawn installation (sod and seed), city and community athletic/playing fields, and for use of well or raw water. Since some properties will begin irrigation shut down in October, hand-watering may already be part of the plan for some property owners. Zak George, Zak George Landscaping, noted that his team has been preparing for hand-watering in anticipation of the restrictions. 

The restrictions were instituted in reaction to a number of situations affecting the local water supply including the severe drought throughout Colorado, increased water use this summer, required repair and maintenance to the outlet at Horsetooth Reservoir, and water usage in battling the Cameron Peak fire. 

For more information or to apply for exception permits, visit

Read the declaration made on Sept 11, 2020. 

Read the Fort Collins Water Shortage Action Plan, which defines each type of landscape water use that is mentioned in the 9/11/20 declaration. 

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