Core Values En Español

ALCC members share these core values:
  • Operate with inclusiveness, respect, trust, and integrity.
  • Encourage an atmosphere of camaraderie and mutually supportive interaction.
  • Function in ways that fairly and appropriately reflect the interests of all members.
  • Act as environmental stewards by continually working to conserve natural resources, reduce consumption and lessen our environmental impact.
  • Maintain a pro-active vision and an orientation to the future.
  • Sustain a largely external focus based on desired outcomes of programs and activities, and the goals outlined in the strategic business plan.
  • Embrace open, deliberative discussions and function as a consensus-based organization.
  • Embrace environmentally responsible and ecologically sound principles that not only improve the environment but ensure the economic opportunity and sustainability of the green industry.
  • Encourage active participation and a diversity of perspectives.
  • Function as a knowledge-based and competency-based organization.
  • Operate in a responsive, flexible and nimble manner.
  • Maintain excellent communication and collaboration within and outside the organization.
  • Provide an outstanding value for time and money spent by members.
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