Camera phone and some creativity can boost your social media Email

In this continuing series of lessons learned at Facebook Community Boost in Denver, we discuss how to create thumb-stopping content for social media.

If you want to make social media users stop scrolling and pay attention to your post you need to grab their attention quickly and get right to the point. There are dozens of free tools available to help you create interesting visual content with your camera phone and a little imagination.

Layout from Instagram is available for both iPhone and Android devices. Create collages of multiple photos, or create a kaleidoscope effect by using the mirror and flip function with your collage. Save your creation and use it beyond Instagram.

  1. Choose your photo.
  2. Choose the layout with four identically sized squares.
  3. Apply the “mirror” effect to the images in one column.
  4. Apply the “flip” effect to the images in one row.
  5. Adjust the placement of each photo to create the desired effect.

Boomerang can help you create an animated gif effect from a short video clip. While in the app, take a short video of some action—a person placing a plant into the ground, staffers jumping for joy over a job well done—and let the app do its magic.

More ideas and tips, as well as links to the top 10 creative apps, are available at

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