Boulder County proposed changes to hauler ordinance affect landscape companies Email
Wednesday, June 08, 2016 02:00 AM

Bagged leaves ready for pickupIf your landscape company does business in Boulder County, we want to make you aware of an ordinance update that could impact your business. The proposed revised ordinance would require landscape companies to obtain a hauler’s license as well as comply with annual reporting requirements.

The Boulder County Commissioners will soon be reviewing an update to the Boulder County Hauler Ordinance ( The changes would require any “person or company in the business of collecting, transporting or disposing of Discarded Materials for another, for a fee, or for no fee” to obtain an annual hauler license from the county.

The hauler license requires annual reporting of “Discarded Materials collected from and/or transported within the unincorporated areas of Boulder County or any municipality which consents to the application of this ordinance within its jurisdiction.” The report must be itemized by type of materials (landfill, compostable, recyclable, reuse, etc.) and give the weight (in tons) of each type of material. 

A county representative confirmed that the proposed changes would “include landscape haulers who would be required to obtain a license through Boulder County, and report out through [the county’s] software. The purpose is so that the County can get accurate information on materials being disposed of in our County, and where they are going (landfill, compost, recycling, etc).” They also clarified that the weight does not have to be verified by a scale--an estimate should suffice.

The Resource Conservation Division and Office of Sustainability invite your feedback. A stakeholder meeting will be scheduled soon. Be sure to request notification of this meeting so that you can attend and let the county know how the ordinance will affect your business.

ALCC understands that this requirement could impose additional burden in licensing costs, time, and reporting to landscape businesses. We are also interested in your feedback and invite you to email us with your thoughts on the ordinance as well.

You can review a working draft of the proposed changes here .

To submit feedback to or ask questions of the county, contact:

Leigh Cushing
Zero Waste Sustainability Specialist
Boulder County
[email protected]

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