Better by nature: Certification strengthens Changing Landscapes Email
Wednesday, July 13, 2016 09:00 AM

Changing LandscapesPaul Hartman, Changing Landscapes, Longmont, says his company’s recent involvement with the Landscape Industry Certification program is becoming a win/win for his team and the company. It began two years ago when one of his team came to him with an interest in certification.

“Now, Certified Landscape Technicians are an important component of building our team at Changing Landscapes,” Hartman explained. “Having a certification program gives me as an employer, as well as our customers and employees, a sense of competence and confidence in our standards of performance, and it guarantees a successful outcome.”

Changing Landscapes has been in business since 1986, building landscapes on the Front Range. Always interested in improving the work that they do, they are an ALCC Sustainable Landscape Partner and are committed to helping employees pursue certification.

Currently, the education and experience of the two Landscape Industry Certified Technicians benefits the entire team of 14. Two years ago, an employee was interested in certification and believed that it would benefit the company. His experience was positive, and Hartman grew interested in certification for himself. The information and Hartman received during the certification process helped him learn how to build a quality landscape for customers. Today there are four more employees pursuing Landscape Industry Certification.

Hartman presents certification to his team as a way to improve and to earn a promotion. Pay is increased upon certification, which is a great motivator. But more importantly, Hartman says that pursuing and earning certification helps build confidence in among his staff and it improves the quality of their workmanship overall.

Hartman noted that certification has many benefits that are not measurable in a traditional sense:

First, I can be confident that my crew is fully skilled and that they are kept up to date on innovations in the business, so that I can leave my employees in charge on construction sites and be assured the job will be done right.

Second, the crew shares a high standard of consistency in performance. They also share training. Certification improves their personal confidence about their accomplishments and job performance.

Perhaps most importantly, our clients can be confident and feel free to ask questions of any technicians on site, trusting they will be answered promptly and thoroughly. It shows when people take pride in their jobs and perform their tasks well. That makes customers happy, and what makes the clients happy translates to making the company stronger and our employees happy as well. I see it as a win-win situation.

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