Will PereiraAugust 2017

As the American Society of Association Executives says, “Associations make the world smarter, safer, and better.” We are stronger when we work together toward a common cause.

Individually, we are each capable of much. But when we join forces around a goal, our collective voice is far stronger than the sum of our individual efforts.

That collective voice was demonstrated last month as ALCC members joined other landscape professionals from across the country at NALP’s Legislative Days on the Hill. We lobbied for H-2B visa reform, discussed regulatory issues affecting our industry like pesticide and fertilizer use or rescinding the WOTUS Rule. We spoke with Colorado representatives to make them aware that these issues affect constituents in their home state.

In that state, the demand for landscape companies is great. Business is good, but that brings its own set of challenges. The skilled labor shortage continues to be a pain point for most of us. In order to resolve that issue, we need the support of legislators and the awareness of the public about career opportunities in the green industry.

And in order to pay an attractive wage to potential industry members, consumers must be willing to pay for our services. We need to educate them about what we do so that they understand the value in our skills and expertise.

Lobbying lawmakers, recruiting new industry workers, training the next generation of our industry, and educating consumers is a hefty task list for one association. Our success is dependent upon the participation of each member of the industry.

To that end, we must grow our membership to increase our strength. I hope that in addition to becoming involved in your association, you are also advocating for membership among your peers.

Since our members are our greatest ambassadors, ALCC board and staff have developed a Member Referral Program. For each new member referred, the referring individual (who is an employee of a current member company) will receive a $50 Visa gift card.

We have also created a New Membership Guarantee. ALCC believes strongly that new members will find tremendous value in their ALCC membership. In fact, if a new member is not satisfied in the first year of membership, the second year is on us. Find details at www.alcc.com/guarantee

These new programs are part of ALCC’s renewed effort to build value for members and increase the power of our combined energy to improve the climate and culture of the green industry. As we grow, so will the opportunities to influence legislation, educate the next generation, and make the landscape industry stronger. 

Will Pereira, BrightView
ALCC President

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