Calls to representatives needed by 11/10/17 Email
Wednesday, November 08, 2017 02:00 AM

US Capitol

Continued outreach to elected officials is essential in the fight for H-2B cap relief.

Reps. Harris (R-MD), Bergman (R-MI) and Keating (D-MD) are planning to send a letter to House Speaker Ryan (R-WI) and House Minority Leader Pelosi (D-CA) urging that a returning worker exempting be included in the fiscal year 2018 spending package that Congress must pass by December 8.

Supporters should call and email Representatives and urge him or her to sign the letter. The deadline for signing onto the letter is Friday, November 10. Representatives that would like to sign the letter should contact Gabe Hisem ([email protected]) in Rep. Bergman’s office.

Thanks for your continued help in the fight for H-2B cap relief.

Support H-2B Advocacy Day from Colorado Email
Wednesday, November 01, 2017 02:00 AM

US Capitol

Can't Make it To DC on November 2? Support the effort from Colorado

Please do the following on November 2:

1. Call your two Senators and your Representative. If you do not know their direct numbers, you can reach them through the Capitol Switchboard at (202) 225-3121. Once connected to the office, ask to speak to the person to handles H-2B issues and tell him or her how important the H-2B program is to you. Ask them to:
        • Re-instate the H-2B returning worker for the remainder of fiscal year 2017 and for fiscal year 2018.
        • Ask your Senators to cosponsor S. 792, the bipartisan “Save our Small and Seasonal Businesses Act.”
        • Ask your Representative to cosponsor HR 2004, the “Strengthen Employment and Seasonal Opportunities Now (SEASON) Act.”
        • If your elected officials have sponsored H-2B legislation, written letters in support of the program, or assisted you with H-2B processing issues, say “thank you” and encourage them to keep up the fight.
2. Tweet about the need to pass H-2B cap relief. Encourage Congress to Act by using #saveH2B and directing tweets at your elected officials. Get sample tweets from ALCC at @coloradogreennow.
3. Encourage your employees, co-workers, customers and other local businesses to call and tweet their local officials. 
Please Respond to Cato's H-2B Survey By November 1

Finally, if you have not done so, please take a few minutes to complete the H-2B Survey being conducted by the Cato Institute before November 1. This survey will give you the opportunity to share your perspective with people who shape H-2B policies in Washington, D.C. Please rest assured that your responses will be kept anonymous and private, and your personally identifying information will not be disclosed unless you specifically request to be named in the report. Please click here to participate in the survey.
H-2B Advocacy Day on Capitol Hill 11-2-17 Email
Monday, October 30, 2017 07:00 PM

US Capitol

ALCC urges you to join fellow members of the H-2B Workforce Coalition and other concerned organizations in Washington, DC on November 2nd for an H-2B Advocacy Day on Capitol Hill. It is crucial that Congress hears our collective voice. There is power in numbers, and the more of you who participate, the greater the effect will be. The support of our representatives will go a long way to helping us begin to close the huge gap in available labor for our industry.

If you've never participated in an advocacy event before, this is an excellent way to learn. ALCC can offer you information and coaching, and the H-2B Workforce Coalition will provide a briefing before you begin your day. You'll join colleagues experienced in advocacy, who can make introductions and guide you through meetings. 

Tell your labor-shortage story Email
Tuesday, October 24, 2017 02:00 AM

telling a storyALCC want to hear your stories of how the labor shortage and the lack of H-2B workers are affecting your business. If you use the H-2B program, have used the program, or hope to use the program in the future, we want to hear from you.

The strength of our organization comes from the power of its members, working together for a common cause. Our legislative advocacy efforts are an ongoing campaign to support the green industry and improve the business climate for our member companies.

Cato Institute H-2B user survey Email
Friday, October 20, 2017 02:00 AM

Attention business owners using the H-2B visa program:

We invite you to participate in a very important survey conducted by researchers at the Cato Institute in Washington, D.C. The purpose of the survey is to get the perspectives of users of the H-2B temporary worker program. 

Please click here to participate in the survey.

Since only H-2B users can provide this information, your participation is very important. This study will help the public understand what H-2B users undergo in order to obtain a legal workforce for seasonal positions in the United States. The survey should only take a few minutes.

Please rest assured that your responses will be kept anonymous and private, and your personally identifying information will not be disclosed unless you specifically request to be named in the report. This survey will give you the opportunity to share your perspective with people who shape H-2B policies in Washington, D.C. 

If you have any questions about the survey please contact the H-2B Workforce Coalition.

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Continued effort needed to #SaveH2B 9/28/17 Email
Thursday, September 28, 2017 12:00 PM


H-2B update

On September 15, the House today passed a $1.2 trillion fiscal year 2018 spending package, laying down a marker ahead of negotiations with the Senate and White House over a final spending deal in December. The 12-bill package (H.R. 3354) passed by a vote of 211-198. The bill includes H-2B regulatory reforms, but does not include a returning worker exemption or any other type of cap relief. Under a continuing resolution, Congress has until December 8 to negotiate a final fiscal 2018 spending package.

H-2B update: cap count as of 9/20/17 Email
Tuesday, September 26, 2017 02:00 AM


H-2B update


Cap Count for H-2B Nonimmigrants

Alert: After Sept. 15, USCIS is no longer accepting petitions filed under the joint final rule that increased the H-2B cap limit for fiscal year 2017. For more information, visit our One-Time Increase in H-2B Nonimmigrant Visas for Fiscal Year 2017 page.

The H-2B Program
The H-2B non-agricultural temporary worker program allows U.S. employers to bring foreign nationals to the United States to fill temporary non-agricultural jobs.

H-2B update: Deadline reached to petition for additional workers Email
Tuesday, September 19, 2017 02:00 AM


H-2B update

As indicated in the temporary rule for H-2B cap relief, the deadline to petition for additional works has been met, and USCIS will reject any subsequent petitions.

Read the full statement from USCIS below:

Harmful Amendments Defeated, H-2B Cap Relief Still Elusive (9-7-17) Email
Thursday, September 07, 2017 02:00 AM


H-2B update

Please Help #SaveH2B: Harmful Amendments Defeated, H-2B Cap Relief Still Elusive

 Current Status of H-2B Efforts 

This is a very busy week in Congress and a crucial one in our fight to preserve the H-2B program. Earlier today, the Senate passed a Hurricane Harvey relief package that also raises the debt ceiling and continues existing government funding through December 8. The House is expected to pass the measure shortly. Under this legislation, the existing provisions of law related to H-2B wage surveys, staggered crossing for seafood workers, prohibitions on DOL enforcement of the H-2B corresponding employment and ¾ guarantee regulatory requirements and a 10-month season will be continued through December 8, but the Homeland Security Secretary’s authority to increase H-2B visas is still set to expire on October 1. 

Justice Department will not appeal decision to end federal overtime rule change Email
Wednesday, September 06, 2017 02:00 AM


The Department of Justice has struck down the final rule "Defining and Delimiting the Exemptions for Executive, Administrative, Professional, Outside Sales and Computer Employees under the Fair Labor Standards Act" published in 2016. The rule would have extended overtime pay for an estimated four million American workers by nearly doubling the annual salary threshold of eligibility.

Urgent H-2B support needed (August 25, 2017) Email
Friday, August 25, 2017 02:00 AM


H-2B update

Congress is on recess through Labor Day and shortly after returning to Washington, lawmakers will take up fiscal 2018 spending bills for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and other federal agencies. We urgently need your help to get H-2B cap relief included in the spending bill.  Cap relief was not included in the DHS appropriations bill passed by the House Appropriations Committee earlier this summer. We need it included in the manager’s (chairmen’s) amendment to the bill before the bill comes to the House floor for a vote.

H-2B action needed during Congressional recess (August 2017) Email
Wednesday, August 09, 2017 02:00 AM


H-2B update

Congress is on recess through Labor Day. Please use this month to reach out to your lawmakers while they are home from Washington. Consider attending a town hall meeting or making an appointment to see your Senators and Representative in their in-state offices.  Please continue to stress the need for permanent H-2B cap relief.

USCIS issues release about H-2B program Email
Monday, July 17, 2017 02:00 AM


H-2B update

WASHINGTON — U.S. businesses in danger of suffering irreparable harm due to a lack of available temporary nonagricultural workers will be able to hire up to 15,000 additional temporary nonagricultural workers under the H-2B program under a final rule that the Departments of Homeland Security and Labor submitted to the Federal Register today. To qualify for the additional visas, petitioners must attest, under penalty of perjury, that their business is likely to suffer irreparable harm if it cannot employ H-2B nonimmigrant workers during fiscal year (FY) 2017.

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