H-2B visas suspended by presidential order Email
Tuesday, June 23, 2020 12:00 AM

Yesterday, the president signed a proclamation suspending entry of all foreign workers through the end of the year, including H-2B workers not directly employed in the food supply chain. ALCC is disappointed in this development and understand the impact it will have on Colorado landscape companies. Please see the H-2B Workforce Coalition’s statement on this order.

Despite tremendous unemployment following the pandemic, our industry and others continue to face a labor shortage. Landscape companies, in some cases, are being forced to turn down consumers due to a lack of labor.

We are working on a news story to highlight the impact of this order and promote the availability of jobs in Colorado’s landscape industry. We are also working with the National Ski Areas Association, hospitality industries, and NALP to promote available jobs.

ALCC is working hard to advocate for our industry and for the jobs of Americans who rely on the help of H-2B workers. We are following this situation closely and will do our best to help close the workforce gap and keep our industry going. I, along with other industry professionals, intend to have a Zoom meeting in July with the staff of key federal representatives in lieu of the annual July fly-in to support landscape industry advocacy.