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Important notice regarding Colorado Green advertising

You may have received solicitation emails and/or physical mail regarding advertising in Colorado Lawn and Landscape magazine. The company sending the emails is Association Media Partners (AMP), which produces the onsite guide for ProGreen EXPO. AMP formerly handled the advertising and distribution of Colorado Green magazine, ALCC’s official publication, but has chosen to end its contract with ALCC and has created this new publication independently of landscape industry trade associations. Colorado Lawn and Landscape is not affiliated with ALCC or Colorado Green in any way.

We know that this has caused confusion for many of the advertisers for ProGreen and Colorado Green. If you have decided to advertise in the ProGreen onsite guide or Colorado Green magazine, I urge you to confirm the publication in which you are advertising. We want to be sure that you are able to reach your intended audience and appreciate your support. While AMP will continue to sell advertising for the 2018 ProGreen EXPO onsite guide, all Colorado Green advertising sales are now handled by its new publisher, Evergreen Custom Media. Amy McCraken and her staff at Evergreen (available at 303-478-7895 or [email protected]) are now the only persons authorized to sell advertising or sponsorship in our magazine on ALCC’s behalf.

ALCC and the other GreenCO member organizations do not endorse, nor do we have any input into, the newly created Colorado Lawn & Landscape magazine or industry resource guide. We are concerned that the publisher is creating a trade magazine without green industry support and participation.

ALCC will continue to publish Colorado Green magazine as it has for over 38 years. Revenue from Colorado Green directly supports your industry; it does not benefit a for-profit business. Our editor and designer remain the same and will move forward with the same valuable content under the Colorado Green name, though you will notice a great new design. ALCC’s direct involvement in legislative issues and industry initiatives will be, as always, a guiding force in the content we provide. Our ongoing involvement with you, the lifeblood of the green industry, is what makes our magazine and our work relevant. We cannot say the same about this new publication.

Unfortunately, AMP made the decision to utilize the ProGreen logo in conjunction with their own publication logo and include the names of the seven GreenCO associations, indicating that they have the member lists of those associations. ALCC and its partners did not give AMP approval to use the ProGreen list for their own sales purposes.

We apologize for the confusion this has caused and will be working to rectify the situation as soon as possible. Tammy DiFalco and Amy McCraken will be meeting with advertisers in the coming weeks to discuss your 2018 advertising plans. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out. You can reach ALCC staff at 303 757-5611.

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