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Tuesday, September 26, 2017 07:00 AM

Tree workWhen do you need a tree service license for your landscape company? The answer may differ from town to town. Throughout Colorado, each municipality has its own rules about licensing for those who prune trees and shrubs. It's important to check with each municipality in which you do business to be sure that you are in compliance.

Holding a license in one town may not allow you to do tree work in an adjacent town. But there is good news: you may not need a license in every city or town, and you may be able to avoid taking a licensing test in a city if you have already passed one in another.

For example, in the City and County of Denver, testing is reciprocal with some cities—but you still need a license. If you pass the test to be licensed in Aurora, you don’t need to re-test to be licensed in Denver. But you still need to pay for a Denver license, prove you are licensed in Aurora and show proof that you hold the required insurance. Fees for licenses also vary, from $25 per year in some cities to $90 in others.

The number of license categories may be different, too. Some towns distinguish licenses between those whose work requires the worker to leave the ground and those whose ornamental maintenance work can be done from the ground or from a ladder less than 12 feet high. Others offer additional license categories for those who spray pesticides.

Some examples of, and links to, the varying rules about licensure in Colorado include:

  • Companies or individuals offering tree trimming or removals in Greeley on woody plants over 10 feet in height must be licensed by the City of Greeley. Pueblo has similar licensing rules.
  • Lakewood offers four categories of tree contractor licenses.
  • Denver’s municipal code requires any business engaged in the care of trees and shrubs to be licensed through the Office of the City Forester.
  • In Grand Junction, tree services and anyone pruning trees for hire must hold a license.
  • A tree service business license is required in Colorado Springs in order to cut, train, prune, shape or remove trees for hire. A line clearance license is required to do this work adjacent to electric utility lines.

To avoid a costly fine or a delay in providing services to a client, be sure to learn the requirements in each city or town in which your business operates.

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