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Tuesday, April 25, 2017 02:00 AM


H-2B Advocacy DayIf you cannot attend Wednesday's fly-in for H-2B Advocacy Day, you can still support the effort wherever you are. Please take a few minutes this week to call your elected officials and tweet at them about the urgent need for H-2B cap relief. Please do the following:

      • Call your two Senators and your Representative. If you do not know their direct numbers, you can reach them through the Capitol Switchboard at (202) 225-3121 (Find your Colorado reps' contact infohere ). Once connected to the office, ask to speak to the person to handles H-2B issues and tell him or her how important the H-2B program is to you. Ask them to:
          • Re-instate the H-2B returning worker for the remainder of fiscal year 2017 and for fiscal year 2018.
          • Ask your Senators to cosponsor S. 792, the bipartisan “Save our Small and Seasonal Businesses Act.”
          • Ask your Representative to cosponsor HR 2004, the “Strengthen Employment and Seasonal Opportunities Now (SEASON) Act.”
          • If your elected officials have sponsored H-2B legislation, written letters in support of the program, or assisted you with H-2B processing issues, say “thank you” and encourage them to keep up the fight. 
      • Tweet about the need to pass H-2B cap relief. Encourage Congress to act by using #saveH2B and directing tweets at your elected officials.
      • Encourage your employees, co-workers, customers and other local businesses to call and tweet their local officials. 
Tweeting Tips

Please tweet at your Senators and Representative using #SaveH2B. You can find their twitter address at: or on this document .

The best tweets are those that you personalize to your member of Congress and that are specific to your state. For example:

      • ‪@HouseAppropsGOP Help #saveH2B. Pass H-2B cap relief now!
      • @AppropsDems Help #saveH2B. Pass H-2B cap relief now!
      • @RepMikeCoffman CO landscape businesses cannot survive unless Congress passes H-2B cap relief now! #saveH2B
      • @SenateApprops Help #saveH2B. Pass H-2B relief now!
      • @SenJohnHoeven ND businesses need LEGAL seasonal workers. Renew the H-2B cap relief & save American jobs #saveH2B

Additional Sample Tweets to be directed at your Senators and Representative:

      • H-2B Cap Hit! Congress must renew the H-2B returning worker exemption now! #saveH2B
      • The H-2B program relies on workers who come to the U.S. for seasonal work, then go home. We need H-2B cap relief now #saveH2B
      • Every H-2B worker creates and sustains 4.64 American jobs. Renew the H-2B returning worker exemption now! #saveH2B
      • #saveH2B and save American Jobs! Pass H-2B cap relief now! 
      • H-2B program = more American jobs. Renew H-2B cap relief now. #saveH2B
      • H-2B workers support American jobs. Pass H-2B cap relief now #saveH2B
      • Save the spring and summer. Renew H-2B cap relief now! #saveH2B
      • #SaveH2B pass S 792 and HR 2004.
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