Environmental Designs collaborates with Wells Fargo for The ELITE Award for Sustainability Email
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Tuesday, July 26, 2016 05:00 AM

Wells Fargo Center, DenverThe 2016 Sustainability ELITE Award recipient is Environmental Designs, Inc. (EDI) for Wells Fargo Center. While Environmental Designs always strives to create low maintenance, sustainable and beautiful landscapes through best management practices, the Wells Fargo project was particularly appealing due to the clients desire to create a LEED certified space. In fact, they were not interested in doing the work at all if LEED could not be achieved. The goal was to create a low-water-use garden with permeable surfaces that would provide a peaceful and attractive getaway in the heart of downtown Denver.

EDI paid careful attention to how they moved and stored materials, with a focus on recycling used materials. As a service to the client and to aid with their Platinum certification, EDI created a recycling manifesto, outlining all of the materials that were taken from the site and where they were brought (with receipts) for recycling. All materials removed were recycled and included metal tree grates, marble signage, mulch, soil, plant material and paver scraps from install.

After an irrigation audit, EDI installed a weather-based controller to ensure proper irrigation throughout a very diverse site, as there are trees along the south side streetscape in full sun as well as an East facing courtyard with almost constant shade. With the help of the controller, they grouped plants in hydro-zones according to water needs.

The ELITE Award for Sustainability recognizes a project that demonstrates the value and rewards of applying sustainable landscape principles to a design/build or installation project. It showcases sustainable landscape practices can be applied to conserve one or more valuable resources. At completion, the award recipient's project should exhibit specific sustainable outcomes that can be documented. Sustainability encompasses the 7 Principles of Xeriscape, the GreenCO BMPs, efficient water management and the sustainable landscape practices found in ALCC’s Green Strategies for Colorado Landscapes.

EDI successfully met these award goals, resulting in a beautiful outdoor oasis that provides areas for relaxing, socializing, enjoying a bit of nature in the city. 

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