Statement regarding Passage of Returning Worker Exemption Email
Wednesday, June 22, 2016 05:00 PM


H-2B Workforce Coalition

(WASHINGTON, DC) -- The H-2B Workforce Coalition applauds the House Appropriations Committee for passing the Returning Worker Exemption amendment to the DHS Appropriations bill today. This crucial element of the H-2B program will help keep American small businesses open and sustain American jobs.

Studies show that for every H-2B visa that is issued, 4.6 American jobs are sustained. We applaud the committee members who were able to see through the rhetoric, understand the tremendous value of the H-2B program to American businesses, and recognize that without the added flexibility this amendment will provide to U.S. employers, many businesses would be forced to cut contracts, scale back business operations, or take other actions that place full-time American jobs at risk.

The H-2B Workforce Coalition looks forward to the DHS Appropriations bill reaching the floor of the House this summer and receiving a final vote of approval.

The H-2B Workforce Coalition is a consortium of various industry associations throughout the United States that have joined together to protect American workers by ensuring American small and seasonal employers have access to legal short-term temporary workers during peak business periods.

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