January 2018

Mike Ransom, ALCC presidentAllow me to introduce myself—I’m Mike Ransom, ALCC’s President for 2018. I am Division Manager—Construction for Lifescape Colorado in Denver, and I’ve been in the landscape industry since I was 14, when I started my own lawn-mowing business in my Boulder neighborhood. I’m a Colorado native and remember when Boulder was a rural town with farms and dirt roads.

I’ve always loved working with my hands and working outdoors. I received my degree in landscape design and construction from Colorado State University and began my formal career with a summer internship. Over my 27-year career, I’ve been a laborer, designer, owner, and operations manager. I still feel like I learn something new every week, which keeps my job interesting and rewarding.

I still love the outdoors and enjoy spending time in nature with my wife and two children. We enjoy camping, boating, and fishing. As a dad, I enjoy seeing the world through my kids’ eyes and finding new adventures with them.

ALCC has been part of my career from the beginning. I met former ALCC Executive Director Diane Matt at CSU as a student. She was working on outreach from industry to schools and started a committee at CSU that was focused on partnering with industry. I’ve been the designer of projects that receive Excellence in Landscape Awards. I’ve served on committees over the years, including the Landscape Career Pathways Task Force, and served on the ProGreen EXPO board for a two-year term.

What I love about the landscape industry and about ALCC is the mentorship and guidance that it offers. Industry veterans like Eldon Dyke and Rich Wilbert were open with their knowledge, willing to help me learn, and were mentors in my success. Serving as president of the board of directors is an honor and an opportunity to give back to the industry that has given me so much.

I knew Kristen Fefes through most of her tenure and respect her as a person and as a leader. When she asked, I was flattered to be in the company of those who had served before me. I had contacted Will Pereira for help with getting Lifescape into the snow removal business, so we had a good relationship as peers and knew we’d work well together on the board.

I feel fortunate to serve on the board at this time, as John McMahon is completing his first year in his role as Executive Director. I am excited to work with him over the next year and roll out the plan for Vision 2023. I see my year in this leadership position as one to establish a foundation for the next five years, to get the ball rolling and build momentum for subsequent board leadership to continue the process.

I plan to be an active participant in this process. I look forward to working with industry peers I know and look forward to meeting more of you at ProGreen EXPO, the summer party, and chapter events around the state. Together we are beginning a new chapter in ALCC’s history.

In October, I joined ALCC’s board of directors and staff for a strategic planning session in which we developed a five-year Vision 2023 plan for the organization. I look forward to the implementation of a strategic plan this year that will move us closer to those long-term goals.

Our vision for the next five years at ALCC includes six areas of growth potential:

  • Increase our membership, especially outside the Denver metro area
  • Growing our workforce by improving the availability of skilled and unskilled labor  
  • Using sustainability as a source of industry growth 
  • Increasing overall market growth and profitability 
  • Improving industry professionalism and consumer respect for our industry
  • Enhancing the landscape industry’s desirability as a career among target job/career prospects 

With the support of our members, I have no doubt we can realize tremendous progress in these areas. I urge you to get involved as a volunteer and get on the frontlines of what is sure to be an exciting year of progress. Over the next twelve months, I’ll address each of these goals and update you on what ALCC is doing to achieve them.

Mike Ransom, Lifescape Colorado
ALCC President

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