peer to peer

April 2018

Mike Ransom, ALCC president

I want to thank you all for taking the time and reaching out to our Representatives and Senators regarding the H-2B visa program. Every call/tweet/email has an effect. Colorado appears to be leading the charge for H-2B cap relief, as we have received support from state and local government as well as solid media attention. We are not there yet, and we recognize this is a long-term goal to get what we need. Whether it’s addressing a local, state or federal issue, we have proven we do have a voice.

We are also making progress on the snow services liability act, and efforts by ALCC to support water efficiency initiatives in Aspen and South Metro Denver. ALCC is committed to helping make members successful.

We became aware of local issues like water ordinances from you. We need you to be our eyes and ears locally so that we know how we can help make a difference. Yes, our lobbyist keeps us informed of pending legislation, but influencing that legislation—especially before it goes before lawmakers—requires a community. If you hear about an ordinance, law, or regulation that might affect your business, please let us ALCC staff know about it. They can do some research and contact stakeholders to help members understand and influence initiatives in the community.

It is our goal to increase our impact on public policy at local, state and federal levels with enhanced grassroots efforts, expanded presence at the planning table and in front of legislators, and partnerships w/allied organizations.) Together we can and will accomplish much.

Mike Ransom, Lifescape Colorado

ALCC President

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